need some help about setups!

is there any setup for keyboard or i need to mindlessly press button as fast as i can. cause sometimes it looks like macro is lagging? btw i use Steelseries Apex keyboard, and if there is some kind of timing setup for buttons how to make them?

All I can say check your MS (World Lag)
if your MS = 15 you can set your button spam speed on 1 press per 15ms

Just play with it.

Cheers and goodluck,

Tim Roeleveld.

can you explain or show the code for setting spam button speed?

im new to macros are thes macros not copy and past i dont understand why they are not qorking :slight_smile:

Im having a problem with copy and pasting macros too, where do i start the copy from? any help much appreciated

Arghh i am having the same problem - pasted many in & none of them work at all - is there some text marker we have to take out?