New computer and my macros do not show.

First off, thanks to all of the knowledgeable folk who spend their time making our lives much easier.
With a destroyed hand I really couldn’t do much in wow without these macros.

Now to the problem at hand…
I just got a new computer and transferred all of my interface folder to the new install of WoW, GSSE shows all of the macros that normally come with the add on (SAM macros Etc.).
I also have macros that I have modified and renamed that do not show on the new computer, even though I copy and pasted the whole folder.
I looked on this forum and others and could not seem to find a match for my problem, any help is appreciated.

I think GS-E stores custom stuff in the WTF folder.

You need the c:\path\to\wow\WTF\Account\YourAccountName\SavedVariables\GSE.lua file from your old computer.

The Addons folder only contains addons.

You guys rock!
Problem solved.