New to gse macro

I have tried gse macros but every time i use an macro and click it with my mouse or keyboard it does not go fast enough for my pet to attack instead i lose health with my pet all the time,

please help me

You an autospammer like AHK, PunchKey or products/software from Razer, Logitech, Corsair, etc. to achieve this.

It’s a grey area to use them but possibly bannable by Blizzard at how fast you run them.

But be aware: There are some macro creators who run them fast for whatever reason. They think it’s better (probably by having zero clue now macros work) but by being too fast you end up using spell/abilities in a random order which is not the best for DPS.

That was not what i meant i mean that when i click the macro the rotation misses and alot of dps does not come on the target so it does not matter how fast i press the macro

Are you using the same Talents as the macro author?
Are you comparing the macro author’s DPS to yours?
Are you comparing the macro DPS to your sim output?
Are you using the latest update to the authors macro (if there is one)?
Can I correctly guess which out of the many authors and macros out there you are using?

By giving as much humanly information as possible to a question will help and not just saying “macro not work. terribad dps” doesn’t help me or anyone else out there any easy answers.