New to Macro's-- Appreciate the help

Hi! I’m fairly new to macros. In the past I only really used them for chat/emotes, and /castsequence. But now I’m trying to learn how to in depth use them in combat. I don’t have Gnome Sequencer yet but right now I’m using Macro Toolkit. I’m hoping this post will also help others who wish to learn as well. Please add in more if missing. Will post [Explained] next to command as it’s been answered. [???] is unexplained.

Need help understanding some lines and what they do:

  • /castsequence = Cycles through spells in order then starts over [Explained]
  • reset=(Insert number) [???]
  • step function [???]
  • [combat] [???]
  • [nochanneling] [???]

Is there a way to activate a spell if the target meets a certain condition? For example, target falls to %25, is there a way I can macro so it skips the other spells, straight to an execution ability.

Also need help trying to macro it so it skips abilities that are still on cooldown. Thank you for anything :slight_smile: