New update as I promised - 9.2.5 pvp/pve- Enjoy 7/29/22

Test out my new tweak and let me know

Test out my new tweak and let me know. Thank you

New Update, test it out

New to Ret.

Is there any particular reason you took Selfless Healer over a DPS talent in the lvl 45 talent? I did not think we ever cast Flash of Light as Ret.
Thanks for any information

Selfless Healer gives you Proc for Flash of Light which means in many cases of PVP or PVE. You can heal yourself as Instant cast instead of casting time.

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Which tool do you use to test it? Raidbot or perhaps something else? If you are using a different method, would you please share it with me. I love to learn New technique.

Thank you,

hey buddy can u make a version without avenging wrath? i want to press it my self.

and im kyrian can i use it also? you have other talents then me or can i change in code your talente wirth the kyrian talente?

All you need to do is replace Necrolord ability with Kyrian. For AW, disable that block or delete that Action


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Tested, with 5 minutes run on Training Dummy. 1.5M damage.

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What ilvl + stats?
and what do you sim for

ilvl 224, I did Weight Stats Sim

New Update - 8/22/22.

The macro has been updated in the post above. Feel free to test it out and lets me know.

Thank you.