[NoobSlayer] CAUSING HAVOC [M+ & RAID] [UPDATED 23rd Jan 2024]

Talents show out of date, is it still wowhead build?

Yeah bro, Inertia M+ on wowhead :slight_smile:

I’ll update the strings later, i’ll run them by ugg and see if theres anything different :slight_smile:

mind showcasing your parses or raider.io?

Curious if you will be updating this to account for the nerfs coming in 10.2.5? With Fel Barrage getting nerfed for 12%, seems like all the guides are pointing to Essence Break builds as the future.

nerfs are out.
Ess break is back. Im updating, been busy with work.

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M+ updated.
No change to raid.

undate to talents cause it says out of date ?

try now, they in the macro itself anyway or you can just copy the picture… take off fel barrage and add ess break lol

got it fixed ty for replying

any chance u have a tanking one thats my main spec but it seems no one is active on maken those . ?
i would try maken my own but i’m 66 years old and just don’t have it in me now days

not for veng dh.
I just use nTx’s with a few changed modifiers.

8th January 2024

thanks for posting your keybinds i have always used the number but they kinda suck

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No eye beam or felblade?

I have explained this before :smiley:

But in short… Felblade offers nout to the rotation, its a gap filler and used after Fel Rush to get back to target.
Eye Beam is better fire manually because the macro can cancel it from fully casting

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i mean that’s an easy fix, add [nochanneling], and eyebeam will compelte

you cant put nochanneling on the trinket tick boxes xD and i let the macro activate my trinkets.

That’s fair. But generally if you add nochanneling to the other actions then they wouldn’t stop beam from completing.

Thats also true! :slight_smile: I just find that if the macro beams at the wrong time and you cant move out of something and you go splat, you look dumb to your group :slight_smile:
So more so for safety reasons I have some stuff casted manually.

Also true! Cant be standing in stupid, now can we?!

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Don"t be hars first time here.

I tested the macro and my finding is that Chaos strike does not occur enough in the rotation, which means a dps loss of 60k for me. single target seen.
At the moment I’m 470 and I should be doing 178.9k according to SIMC and with the macro I can’t get further than about 110/120k.
I hope the finding is of some use to you.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what right now.
kind regards mcfudd.