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Which (if any) class and spec is the easiest to macro and get purple parse with? I am in a guild that needs more mythic raid purple parse dps. I am also disabled and have a hard time with WoW so I’ve been using GSE almost exclusively to do my rotations. Any help would be appreciated.

edit: is it even possible through GSE for a dps to consistently get 90% parse dps?

edit2: this is for live WoW not BC

It’s the class that you’ve a clue on how to play without GSE will work the best with GSE. GSE is not a tool for ignorant people looking for the cookie cutter “gold parses” button. It’s a tool to help people who are already getting 90% of their Simmed DPS get the last 10% of the Sim.

The thing that matters is it has to work for you. Macro creators writing macros and sharing what works for them is 50% and the other half is you changing macros to work for you. If you don’t have an idea about Classes or how they work then you’re kinda stuck as to what to look at.

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