Oak Prot Pally - 10.1 Update 6/11/23 - Moar Judgment! Rawr

That is what I noticed with this one as well. There is a TON of stuff going right, but the judgement casts kill it, I altered it a little to make sure judgement goes off on cooldown which in turn boosts holy power gen and the dominoes fall from there but you are correct, with it in its current form the judgement casts are way low.

@Bozzymodo @lolgnome
Single Dummy 4 Minutes
Cleave Dummies 4 Minutes
Rearranged some things to make it work. I don’t really tank much…



Usage Information

Battle Rez (Intercession) & Word of Glory
Hold CTRL to Battle Rez (Intercession) your Focus Target if you have one and they’re dead, then your Mouseover if they’re dead.
If they’re alive it just cast Word of Glory on your Focus Target if there is one, then Mouseover if there is one, then Self
(Battle Rez requires you to have 3 holy power, so hold CTRL and mouse over the dead person until you have the Holy Power and keep holding until the Rez fires off)

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This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.

Thanks for the tweaks Oak.

Results below:


My first time tanking after my Moar Judgments update… only a 16 halls, but I’m pretty happy with it…
Ended with 75.6k overall DPS

not gonna lie. i like it better when it cast WOG for you but overall solid macro

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Can you show your current talent setup? when I try to use the string inside your setup it leaves me with many point unused.

I am getting an error when i try to get your macro.

“The loadout you are trying to import was saved from an old version”.

What does that even mean? Help pls.

Damage Done

Healing Done

In a NM Raid (Parses combined for all but last boss + including trash) using this amazing macro

Thanks for your kind words. I tanked the mega dungeon and the only boss I had issue with was the last one. I’m considering taking divine toll and eye of tyr out of the basic rotation as they would be good to use specific times instead of on cooldown. Also, I’m working to find some way to make Word of Glory fire faster when holding control.

I’ll probably have a new version soon…

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Hey Oak i have a question about this macro, sometimes its missing on free avengers shield procs, is this intended or its something wrong with my ms ?

It’s intended. I keep avenger’s shield on a separate key so I can use it manually if needed. I dont Always want to instantly blow the free shield. Also, it’s not priority as since dragonflight it no longer gives HP.

hey oak im trying to use your talents but they are out of date would you be able to update ?

but it gives a 60% absorb, so it should be used every cd

What are the talents you use?

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Hi Oak, Thanks again for this macro!

Small issue, I cant seem to get the ctrl to fire on this one. when i hold ctrl it just pauses the macro. I tried to cres in a m+ and it didnt work and then even without mouseover it wont use word of glory. Any ideas?

Seems great otherwise, will test some higher content later but did a quick 11 all good!

Is there any update on people using this in 10.2… what are people using for their Talents?

I had this same issue. Not sure if its a change Wow or GSE made. I worked around by changing from ctrl to shift. So where it said ctrl I put in shift and where it said shift I put in ctrl. Swapping these seem to fix it. And the functionality of the macro seems to still work. Due to the way the macro is written you need to swap both because if you just change ctrl to shift it wouldn’t allow holy power generation while pressing shift.

Otherwise @OAK its a good macro.

Edit this. I couldn’t find any other addon or interface option that was using the ctrl key. I used the Clear Keybindings button in Options>Troubleshooting> Clear Keybindings. It allowed the ctrl key to start working again. So while my workaround would work. Try clearing the keybindings.

Is there an updated talent import? All the ones I try are outdated please help I want to try this macro!