Oak Ret Pally Macro DF 10.2.5 - Season 3 Update #6 - BOJ/JGMT - (2/12/24)

whats your ms setting in GSE? is it also 50ms? or 250ms?

Looks like its set to 100

Its a decent enough testing ground though. e.g. if I were only doing 100k at 484 we’d know there was a problem

AOE ( Valdraken 5 targets ) 5 minutes

ST ( Raiding Dummy ) 5 minutes

My stats
Also my gear which is far from BiS ( playing with a trinket tank )

There are no problem with the macro at all. The only thing is sometimes you run out of spells to press which is perfectly fine because that’s how the class works. I will come back with some logs for more accurate stats with the new update.

Thanks again @OAK <3

just perfect! thanks for your effort

21 DHT Last Night

21 Fall Last Night

I run a couple of keys just to fill in the weekly vault and test the update before going higher next week. I had just a small delay once on the Divine Toll, and for some reason I couldn’t trigger it manually, but besides that, zero problems.

Run it at 40ms using AHK and also 40ms in GSE addon.

I will leave here a couple of logs if anyone is interested to check in more details everything and a few screenshots.

DOTI:Galakrond’s Fall





By no means those runs were perfect or anything. Couple of mistakes, couple of deaths, wrong pulls and so on. With a good group, I think this macro can go even higher than 25.

The only thing that I can complain a bit is the ST damage which I feel is a bit low, but that can be from my end (gear, stats, and such)

@OAK I’m waiting on your replay regarding the ST damage if you think it can be improve or not.

It hasn’t been doing too shabby in PVP! :slight_smile: Thanks!

for the people running this at 100 ms or lower what is your in game ms? mine is 23 and im wondering if i should lower mine…is there some kind of metric for this or is it mostly a keep lowering until you find a sweet spot type deal?

in game ms for me is 23. i run it at 25ms and im 3k io and usually top or very close in m+

hmm i run mine at 125, running that fast doesnt have any effect on the game? i though you DC when running that fast

hi @OAK i love the macro but is there a way to add Divine storm to the st macro? i tried to put it as shift and changed all of the nomod but when i hold shift it turns in the heart of azeroth for some reason lol ill check my kebinds again i figure i messed something up

Why would you put a aoe spell in a st priority list ?

for ease of use for myself, if it cant be done then thats fine too

Never had any issues. Ive ran it from 250 all the way down and most dps was lowest i could set it. Ive found this with a few classes

Hi, I can’t use the macro for some reason. I download it, create icon, keybind it and it wont fire ?

Hope this isn’t a dumb question. I have a G502 Lightspeed. My Macro setup requires a press and release with a delay in between both. I know Oak states that he runs a 30ms, my question is do I need the 30ms between the press and release, or do I split the difference and put 15ms between each?


@OAK ran a 24 AD tonight with your new version. I’ve been getting about 96-98s in my runs, tonight a 92. Not sure if its the macro or just the run. Will do a few more runs before being sure.


DPS overall seems abit low though tbh.

This is not the right way to do it. You want to use Repeat While Holding when creating the macro in G Hub (I use a G502X). When you record it, just press the button down and release once, then stop recording, uncheck Standard Delay, and change the delay between down and up to whatever ms you want to use. Save and assign to a button on the mouse (I use thumb forward). Set the keybind on your bars to that mouse button, hold it down, and watch the magic happen.

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