Oak Ret Pally Macro DF 10.2.5 - Season 3 Update #6 - BOJ/JGMT - (2/12/24)

It’s listed throughout the long long thread. Just use the wowhead builds.

could i use your help this my first time using this gse i have imported your macro but do we also need to have the same key binds as you

no. keybind the macro(s) to whatever you want.

Just a hit on your macro. Thanks so much for the superb job on this ret pally one…I have been a long time customer of WLM and i play all classes and builds of each one. I am a casual 20 year vet. of wow and this is the first one i have used and been totally successful with… im not a min/max player…just play for the fun on it but i gotta tell ya this macro is a beast. I have trippled my dps and the macro works seamlessly for me… thanks… and you get an A+ in class today…;). cheers.


how you can choose the macro version if there are more than one versions in tabs? (yes i dont know that)

/gse,download macro…open macro …go to config tab…the numbers that macros can use are listed for various scenarios …clik on right box on the line and check mark the one you want to put in that scenario…enter #1 or #2 depending on what you will be doing…save and good to go. place macro on button and it will choose depending on what you are doing when you push it .whether in reg or mythic/ use for instance. cheers.

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great much appreciate

any idea why this is showing up?


I get the same thing and but it goes away after a couple of clicks. lol

It’s because of the HE in the keyrelease. That’s a built in variable that attempts to use your Heart of Azeroth heart essence if you have it equipped . it was just for funzies a long time ago.

latest version is in the 1st post of the thread?

Yes, I always update the OP when I do an update.