OAK Unholy Single Target & AOE NEW! Raid and M+ 3/8/24

this line is has a null value is that normal ? @OAK ?
/castsequence [nomod, nochanneling] reset=combat/target Outbreak, Festering Strike, null

Yes, that makes it stop trying to do that sequence once it’s casted outbreak and festering strike


Thanks , will keep it then :wink:

what is your build ? i see that your dps has a lot of epidemic look mine…

I use the disease build on wowhead for M+

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This will work?

From Wowhead M+ Disease Build


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thanks once more ! will share my update

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame Heroic parse… anyone wants to compare? i think it was not good :frowning:
17% based on my iLev

Hey @OAK I did exactly what you did but I am not getting that much ST DPS with unholy , got GSE, copied the talens from your video , imported the macros and it works, but as far as DPS wise its stuck on 100k , did a test for 4-5 minutes a couple times and cant get past 100k on avg , I have the same iLvL , 482 and stats are BiS stats for unholy.

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more or less you have the same issue as me, dps is not good for DK’s macros. I don’t blame the guys that are posting but the rotation is not 1-2-3 for DK :frowning:

Can you tell the name the orange rhombus weakaura i would love to have it!

Thanks for great marcos i use this and the pal one!

Firstly just want to say your macros are awesome!

What’s the likely hood of getting banned for using this with SteelSeries hold the button and it clicks the key until you let it go but set to 50ms? i’m new to all this and atm I’m just spamming the key myself but want to get the most out of it.

thanks for any help in advance.

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Unless you brag about it in chat or are toxic about your dps vs someone else… you are fine… Just keep it to yourself.


This comes up a bit every now and again, as long as you are spamming your keys cycling through a rotation, and not automating you will not get banned, there is no secret societies and such, you can make the same macros using the Warcraft macros and do the same thing, just type /m and type in /commands etc, This Ain’t Fight Club we can always use creators or people who like and use our templates/macros

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i use steel series keyboards as well, as my razor game pad, game mouse i recommend 150MS if you click to fast it can cause the game too freeze up or crash your game

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ok nice one thanks for the info!

I hope you would update this for TWW. This is only UDK macro that worked for me and it’s the only reason i bought a lvl 70 booster just to use it.

The state of GSE is changing going into TWW. The macros that we are used to will not be the same. I will most likely stop posting my GSE sequences due to the significant changes that WOW TWW has forced into GSE for it to even exist. Sorry.

Looks like TimothyLuke is revamping GSE to work with TWW? I hope you continue making macros Oak, yours have always been great.

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