Ok I must be an idiot

I have no idea how to transfer a macro from here to GSE =(

I watched the “whats changed in GSE” and I’ve browsed around but I just don’t see anything explaining it =(

Anyone help?

@sehenry10 in game you have to open the addon by typing in chat /gs . Then you’ll see the option “Import”. In that window, you have to paste the macros you see on the website. The macros are usually a bunch of letters/numbers/symbols in orange. Some macros might be in white but still, you copy those in the addon. It will create the macro that you then drag to your action bar.

So I click new…it goes to a new configuration…where do I paste it? Goto the tab 1 and paste into the sequence window?

Oh I think I got it thanx

You don’t click “New”, you click Import! And there you put it in!

Thanx I got it figured out…is there a better way for single key macro’s then just hitting a key a million times? Gonna wear out my keyboard LOL.

Maybe a way to hold a key?

If you have a macro keyboard or mouse like Logitech, Razer, Corsair, etc. you can set a key to toggle and repeat in X amount of milliseconds.

Setup a macro on your keyboard or mouse , that 's the whole point of using this addon. Or install AHK, no i won’t go into that, it’s not allowed ( i think ) but there are numerous youtube videos on how to do it.