*OLD* 8.0 Two Button macro set - CP builder and spender

The following macro has been improved upon with a new set of macros, Purr and Roar. The link is here:

This is based on my “Scratch and Claw” set of macros. The first, “Simona,” is a combo point builder with emphasis on prioritizing Brutal Slash. Simona casts Regrowth for survivability. Cast Simona until you get to 5 combo points then fire off “Mario,” the combo point spender. Mario utilizes both Rip and Ferocious Bite. Both are primarily used for single targets. BS does short range AOE, but for big AOE, simply spam Thrash. The talent set I’m using is 2#1#323. Keep in mind, these are essentially beta macros at this point and I have very little experience with them. I thought I would put these out early to give a starting point for those interested. For the curious, the names are based on my real cats, which were named after race car drivers. BTW, I’ve started a family friendly guild in Eitrigg/Shu’halo ("Ready Player One.) If you are interested, let me know and I’ll send an invite.

First, SIMONA, the combo point builder.

And MARIO, the combo point spender.

This one has good potential to get you up to 3k or more dps. Im ilvl 230 and enjoying this. It may perform well later on in raids and dungeons. Thanks

Hi, could anyone explain to me how to use these macros, and where to put them?

The builder works great. I did have 2 issues with the finisher, though. First, it refreshed Rip too soon. Some clipping is probably expected with lazy macros, but this was well beyond minor clipping. Your last set of macros worked perfectly, so I assume something has changed with talents and/or abilities with the patch. Second, it would stop casting Rip in long fights. With it being only a 2 ability macro I can’t imagine what was going on there. Easiest solution for now is to manually use Rip and Ferocious Bite. I hope this information helps. Thanks for you great work!

JoVapz, these macros are applied in game. You have to download the addon Gnome Sequencer Enhanced. Once you have that, you simply import the macro into the addon and you are ready to rock. That is a simple version, but basically it.

I have the latest version of gse, I have imported the two macros. after importing stand in chat: GSE Storage SIMONA was updated a new version and my druid does nothing to a target.
I do not know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe someone has a solution?

Thank you Danny for taking the time to explain, I downloaded GSE but when I make a simple copy / paste of this macro format, nothing happens, either with the version Simona or Mario (he does not create me not the icon for Mario)

works pretty well 208 il 2k dps there abouts