Old global macro no longer working

Greetings, long time lurker here.

Just coming back to the game and getting things back up to speed. Got everything working just fine except for one major QoL macro I’ve been using for years.

Basically I had a single global macro that had all class and racial speed boosts and mobility abilities as well as some universal mounting options. I’d really like to not have to go and make a ton of separate macros if possible.

I know things have changed drastically and it may not be possible now to have the functionality I used to have for this, but could you GSE experts please take a look and see if you can spot the issue or give me some pointers in remaking it within the new GSE coding.

Thank you for your time, please see export code below (hope it works this way - I don’t ever post on forums.) >.>


You will need to rewrite that totally to use variables. This isnt a GSEchange but how the game works. Trying to use a racial you do t have blocks the other facials from firing.

If you do a search for Blood Rage on the forum there is a hunter macro that uses a variable to return Blood Rage if you are an orc or ignore it if you aren’t. You will need to adapt that code to get your old functionality back.

See HOWTO Include a racial and check with a variable if you are of that race

Oof. Okay, that looks like that’s something I can handle, hopefully.

Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction and for making such a wonderful add-on!