One button frost DK Macro please!

I have been using this one shot Lazy macro for the last month, and it has been awesome! Doesn’t work now, since patch 6.0.2
Is there anything that will work for now? I just got KAYRMACROS as macro tookit doesn’t work anymore either. In need of some help guys!

#showtooltip Howling Blast
/cast [mod:shift] Mind Freeze
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,Obliterate
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,Howling Blast
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,!Frost Strike
/castsequence reset=10 Plague Strike, Plague Leech,Raise Dead
/cast [combat] Empower Rune Weapon
/cast [combat] Pillar of Frost
/cast [combat] Anti-Magic Shell

I was looking in the spell book just today and I could not find raise the dead there it’s gone. If Bliz has taken my minion away that’s bs. He’s my safety net when healers like to ignor us.

You Still have sack, you just don’t have the minion anymore, basically it does the same heal
I was glad to see we still had army of undead, rumor had it we were losing that ability, not sure when the actual expansion comes out if we get to keep the lil beasties, it was key to our start off damage in raids, I loved watching 3 or 4 dks with swarm pets just banging away on the boss Heheh im still trying to figure out a rotation of some sorts

I’m still looking for info on it, but at the moment /castsequence macros with 0,0 are not working. You’ll find several examples of bar swapping macros in the more active class forums that you can modify to work with your DK.

In hoping that this is just an oversite and not a permanent change to macros, I would still toss that macro. The way its built you are loosing a ton, if not all, of your obliterates to howling blast, and loosing death runes to plague strike. Raise Dead is also not longer available to frost so that needs to be taken out.

Bottom line though, switch to a swapbar macro or go back to clicking spells individually until this is resolved.

It was Just one that I was using for my dailies, just quick and easy. There is a Blood DK bar swap Macro on this site but I can’t figure out how to use it. I know you’re supposed to put it in the first slot of the bars but it just gives me annoying messages in chat when I try to use it. Maybe it’s because I’m using bartender, I’ve posted my query on that thread. The thread link is here:

none of this is working for me.