One button plus ahk

So ive combined my one button macro with auto hot key rapid fire macro. So basically I hit the Ctrl button and it will rotate through the six spells , spamming the key bind button several times per second. Does anyone do this and is this bannable? Since I haven’t figured out a way to execute my macro efficiently, this is my solution.

This is a very debated question, and you’re probably going to get several different answers from people who feel different ways about it.

I’ve used these macros pretty much exclusively with AHK until Christmas when I got a gaming mouse that does it for me instead of using AHK. When I say exclusively, I mean it. I more or less don’t play a toon anymore unless I’ve found a macro I like for it. I can’t remember even playing WoW without them at this point.

I’ve never been banned, I’ve never been suspended, I’ve never received any kind of notification in any way shape or form about using AHK. I would absolutely with confidence say that you can use AHK and have no worries.

That works for me ty. I added a random sleep function to give it a more human function, but it still rapid fires 3-4 times per second when I hold down one button

is there a tutorial with how to set up synapse to work with wow, i tried a few things and it didn’t work :frowning:

completely clueless about this.

got it working,

wow my forearm and wrist issues are going to clear up in no time. this is a medical break through!!!

Today its not working in the arena, but when i leave and go in garrison it works…

I haven’t used synapse yet but I have been using ahk for a week and I love it