Outlaw 8.2 - Give No Quarter

Roll the Bones is back baby !!

First Release: 7.31.2019

Currently Using Crucible of Flame (Major / Minor) and Memory of Lucid Dreams (Minor) - Crucible in macro popping off as soon as it can. Remove if your not using it. Input … whatever your using …

SIMS ~ 80 - 90 % On standard Raid Dummy w/no Buffs @ https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/gNmWv92vo4kuonzQ1j9z5

If anyone out there can add/tweak/mod the macro to force Between the Eyes to fire off w/ 4-5 pts everytime then this macro would dps even higher. As it is right now, Between the Eyes fires off all willy nilly to force the Deadshot ability. (Actually fixed with second version below … as of 8.21.2019)

Firing @ 50MS - As per the usual experiment with what works for you and your latency.

I use MODS - and NO I am not here to tell you how to get them to work for YOU. There are several topics on that subject here just search, or search the discord channel. Perhaps if you join the channel you could even ASK someone there. Just saying…

[mod:shift] - Feint - Feint+Elusiveness = Most OP wall in the game
[mod:alt] Adrenaline Rush - Burst mode (mod it for /castsequence for racials,trinkets,etc …)
[mod:ctrl] Crimson Vial - help out your healers and heal yo.self

See them in action !!

Outlaw Rogue GSE Part 1

Outlaw Rogue GSE Part 2

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New Update: 8.21.2019

New Update: 8.21.2019

Max Between the Eyes + Max Pistol Shots = Making Outlaw great again !! (Single Target that is…)

MS 50 - 80 … experiment … find your sweet spot

This is just beastly … get your crit up to suggested levels and just watch the big numbers fly !! This is for dungeons and raids. Been using it for world quests and such as well.

Just press the button and it will open with a ‘Blade Rush’ or a Concentrated Flame (depending on your distance from the enemy).

Watch what this baby can do ::

The Opener

Lady Ashvane - Heroic - Phase Two - DPS Time

People have been asking about Weakauras and my ELVUI setup so here they are:

Azerite Progress Weakaura


Outlaw Roll the Bones Buffs


My ELVUI setup


What a brilliantly presented macro - thank you!
After configuring to your macro on my fairly lowish ilvl alt rogue:

Sims on Dummy DPS. ilvl 391

Sim = 13,856 DPS
Macro = 11,580 DPS

Which is about 83% of sim which is great for a rogue macro :slight_smile:

Goes up to about 12K with Adrenaline Burst used

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I love you. I’m not anywhere near geared. Used this for WQ at 120 and it worked great. I sim at 19.5k and was able to pull off 91% on my best pull no Adrenaline Rush. Most times it sat around 70-75% sim which is fine for non-raid. Thanks!

Running 2112322
401 ilevel
22% crit
13% haste
7% vers
29% mast

Edit: For some reason mods aren’t working for me on this macro?

Updated version now up … max dmg … beast mode activated … 8.21.2019

@x-seek - click the link below

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Excellent Macro My item level 345 have awesome results. Thanks:+1:

Hi , you sure its working maccro? the maccro do nothing… ;(

I’ve dealt with the same issue of modifiers not working.

If one uses a command bar addon such as Bartender or Dominos, the addon will “eat” whatever modifier switches to another bar. When the Gnomesequencer macro is run, there will be not modifier key left in the queue.

For example, I use shift to change to my second macro bar. If a GS macro uses shift as a mod, then the very act of switching will “consume” that shift-key event.
The GS macro will not activate the mod: shift part.

I get around this by placing all mod:key sequences on my main actionbar. I may use 3 or more extra keys for the same sequence mod variations.

hey man can you check the code for your Weakauras and ElvUI it said corrupted when i try to import

to which are you referring to: the weakauras links were to an external site that hosted the weakauras and where I originally got them … they are not mine … as to my ELVUI setup …

just make sure you double click and select the entire string and copy and paste it …

thats exactly what i did for ElvUI it said import string corrupted

EDITED: Nvm i figured it out. it got to do with copy straight from browser into ElvUI, i work around by pasting into notepad

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for some reason this macro is not working for me…is anyone else having problems