Outlaw Rogue Macro Shadowlands 9.0.1 - RUTHLESS IT IS!

Hello and good night everyone!

Here’s the macro i made for outlaw rogue ( im genuinely surprised , DPS is awesome ).

ABILITIES BY BLIZZARD NEED TO BE TUNED ( those % pistol procs… )

First of all, remember game is in beta phase /ptr ( some addons working atm )

Did mine with my macro external software logitech gaming software, but ofc you can do it
with Corsair Utility Engine, Steelseries Engine, Razer Synapse, Autohotkey, etc…


I have been tweaking a bit this alt character and this is what i got:


1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 3 , 2 , 2 ( Weaponmaster, Acrobatic Strikes, Vigor, Iron Stomach, Prey on the Weak, Alacrity, Blade Rush )




Talents: 1111322

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-alpha17-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Adrenaline Rush, Blade Rush

KeyPress: Stealth, Ambush, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Reaping Flames, Slice and Dice, Between the Eyes, Dispatch, Roll the Bones, Pistol Shot, Sinister Strike

Have on your UI 2 Auras ( Blade Rush and Between the Eyes ) and look how close they dont clip between them, i think its almost perfect concatenated ( and slice and dice keeps adding time, BUT MACRO IT DOES NOT STUCK AT ALL ( 10 min on RAID dummy )


lets keep the macros comin! <3


@admin1 @lutechi

Hey! i was watching forum, and i saw editing

i missing something when editing format? :frowning:

Apologies for fixing all macros i did so far :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: im so blind, new section it is! thx for it hehe

Sorry trying to put all Shadowlands in a section for now, so you guys can pass when I make new categories into a new one maybe. Apologize for the scare.

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@lutechi yeah i noticed

already tagged them all for new section :slight_smile:

go streaming!

Excited to give this a try come SL! any chance you will be doing other Rog Specs?

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Got one almost done for Assa, almost identical to LIVE atm.

Ill put it next week probs.


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Oh wonderful! cant wait to check them out!!! certainly boosts the excitement for SL! Cheers!

Just checking in - thanks for the amazing work!

I noticed a probably typo, I see talents marked as 2111322 in the macro when I import it. Just a typo?

hello @LoTower

ive been reported of some of mine with same typo yes

always trust the ones on the post ( thats why i write them too , bc sometimes i keep forgetin hehe )

i will change it in due time


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Thanks in advance for the macro and very good work. Do you have any future update plans for this one?

Hello there @Van

I have plans, but to tell you the truth this is one of my 12 alters ( main is a shaman )

Even i got 3 betas ( yes three ), i dont have the time to the tested it a while ago nor now ( im farming moneys $$ to have at my live account hehe )

So in due time, while leveling and having all the convenant abilities will do !