Paladin - Retribution Update

Hello everyone, back again bringing more updates to help you in the 4.2 patch. This time is an update for the Retribution Paladins. Basically since the Paladins got their holy power it made it more difficult to create a lazy macro. On this update I removed the area of effect Divine Storm modifier and replaced it with the Templar’s Verdict, so when you need to dump Holy Power just hold a modifier key and push the macro. Also included Hammer of Wrath since I fixed the rotation that does not block it anymore from casting.
Hope you guys like it and I will be back shortly with more, stay tuned.

hey was just wondering if you could add a bit more to the pally macro lazy macro for when art of war and divine purpose procs?

Hello tim, I would love to include Exorcism but the Art of War proc is random and putting it on the lazy macro rotation might hurt the DPS. I will check if I can put it somehow but canceling the spell if is not instant would break the rest of the macro. About the Divine Purpose procs, I would think of spending it with the modifier. Also would be nice to incluse Inquisition but there is no way to track Holy Power charges with the macro and would be a waste with 1 charge.