Patch 7.0.3 working Prot 255 char macro

The Talents are 3,1,1,3,3,3,2

and the macro is

/castsequence reset=target/3 Devastate,Thunder Clap,Devastate,Revenge,Devastate,Shield Slam
/cast Impending Victory
/cast [combat] Shield Block
/cast [combat] Shield Slam
/cast [combat] Revenge
/cast [combat] Ignore Pain
/cast Intercept

This Macro works like charm… no stuck around and complete cycle between ur Shield block and Ignore pain
Being a Legion Beta Player where i use this macro in dongen and questing as prot… i have no problem maintaining my health at 75%… and sry for my bad English as i am not from an English speaking country…
please try these and give me ur critics… thx :slight_smile:

Can you provide this as a macro pack?

sry i dont get you! what do u mean by macro pack… u mean macro tool kit? or GS like that?

GS Enhanced now supports macro packs… so you can export your macros for others to easily import.

nevermind, I was wrong