Patch 7.0.3

Greetings everyone! Patch 7.0.3 have landed! I was heading to dummy in my garrison, first shot, first warning…you are using a script,bla-bla…if you accept using the script you may loose your gold and items…same warning for gs and gs-Enhanced…anyone have received same warning on screen,have you accepted?what happened? any other solution instead gs/gs-E?
Feedback appreciated asap and ofc a solution!

The warning is due to certain addons being able to run rogue scripts when you’re asked to type certain strings into chat.

As some of the scripts in GS-E/GS use /run it will throw up that message, so you just need to be careful about what you add into the scripts :slight_smile:

Agree mate but…lets take as example draik’s macros…they are all safe?can be banned for using them?