Perma Bans from blizzard

We Mods always tell all of you about running macros to fast and not to set your mouse/keyboard/AHK to auto run if your not manually controlling the button (click, run macro, click again to stop).

There is a person in our community that was testing a macro and blizzard caught them doing both, and they got a Perma Ban.

Just wanted to put out a new warning.


Good thing I don’t use automatic programs^^.But yes, as you said, if you use AHK then you should always fly under the radar and not overdo it.

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I think theres more to the story than what you said.

What he was doing?! being afk?! exploiting something that it shouldnt ?!

We need more background on that, but yes the golden rule always has been around 250 msec ( 125up + 125 keydown ) and have a toogle or hold key to run .



they were just sitting there adjusting the macro when needed, when the ban happened. and its exactly what i said, if there was more i would of said (also dont be afk or whatever) lol

That’s crazy, I generally run most of mine between 160-250ms, it just depends on the character, I’ve never done below 160ms. I’m also always pressing the button, when I stop pressing the button it stops casting.


My Thoughts:

Unwritten Rules to Follow:

  • If you have to running a Macro @25 - 50ms it means the macro isn’t designed well - don’t use it
  • If you are AFK farming whatever and using AHK or Mouse Software to farm you are in the wrong

Doing the above will not only affects you, it has an overall effect on the community and puts us all in a bad light when Blizzard looks at us as a whole. For years we creators and people who know better have been advocating for users to click slower.

In the War Within Macros as we know it are changing - Bad Spam Macros will not work like they do now. Creators start designing your macros work well at acceptable MS click rates IMHO. I truly believe if anyone is posting a macro on WLM and Pushing @25-50ms Click rate the macro(post) should be immediately deleted to not only protect the person from getting their own account banned but keeping others from getting there account banned because they know no better.

That being said - there are AHK Scripts out there that can Randomize your MS Click rate to make you look more human to the Blizzard Taskforce Ban Team …



Who is this fellow user?! can he provide us with some proof?

I dont trust even by a bit what he told you Siodar, and thats a fact.


@ScaryLarryGames well said !

I have running my macro at 100ms all time through the years and allways toggle lol. I cant hold a button down very long so that makes it impossible for me to play. But i dont use AHK, i use Razer Synapse and i think in AHK you can do alot of not ok stuff and i guess you can get perma banned for that. Also i dont think you get perma banned for clicking to fast. Got suspended for 1 week many years ago when i had AHK so after that i bought a Razer mouse :slight_smile:


I would be willing to bet money the person that got a perma ban was running their macro as a toggle to farm in Remix.

Yep, i thought very much of that.

Static + Hyperspawn point my bet.



I use toggle but always use W,A,S,D for movement and space for jump, then shift, alt etc for modifiers so Blizz would know you are at your keyboard i would imagine and i have been doing this for well over 8/9 years

I’ve been told that Blizz log every single keystroke in packets so if only your macro key is being pressed, IE: you are not at your keyboard and just letting it run then for sure Blizz would know that only 1 key is being pressed in a session but i don’t know if that is true.

I don’t think toggle is the issue as it’s still only 1 press 1 action and the key is still being pressed up and down, the fact its the same key is not botting as you can do this in wow macros.

But i could be talking crap :slight_smile:

100% there’s more to this. Toggling and afk/farming is my thought on why the perma ban.

I’m always at my pc when I am actively using macros(razer synapse) and actively doing mechanics/moving character/toggling on and off the macro for chat or to save cd’s for a boss phase etc.

Been using Synapse since Beginning of Cataclysm and never had a ban on my account outside of innapropriate character names or me going off on someone in chat.