Prepatch 9.0 Affliction M+ macro

Hello fellow warlocks, i made this simple but really efective and simple macro for M+


crit=20% Haste=29% Mastery=101% versatility=7% leech=4% weapon enchant= machinist’s brilliance
Major essence:Blood of the enemy Minor essences: crucible of flame, conflict and strife, memory of lucid dreams
azerite traits: wracking brilliance x3 heart of darkness x2 sudden onset x1(dont have the third heart of darkness)
modifiers: alt+1= vile taint, ctrl +1= seed of corruption, shift + 1 =malefic rapture. CDs:i use them after vile taint, then just malefic rapture until deplete shards, then build shards for next vile taint window.

I tested the macro in ataldazar +17, with a pug group, ended in top damage overall and we finish the key with 2 stars. Not bad.

what macro speed do you use? im trying to use this but all its spamming is shadow bolt and unstable affliction :confused:

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i made waycrest +17 with +2 too as top damage again. I use 100ms, if you are just spawning shadow bolt you didnt pick drain soul as a talent. also not sure why but in the macro should say drain soul instead of shadow bolt, but addon keep changing it. keep in mind that you need to swap targets constantly with the macro to make it more effective. i usally select the main target, then if they are 2 additional adds i use the control modifier to cast seed of corruption, then i select the other two targets to put agony on them, then i use vile taint with the alt modifier, then i use darkglare and darksoul, then i spawn malefic rapture with shift modifier until i deplete the shards, after that i build shards for next vile taint window. then keep doing the same thing the entire dungeon, easy.

thats the thing lol i have drain soul but when i hit save, exit and go back to macro its gets converted to shadow bolt. its using drain soul still as the name is still shadowbolt in the addon. its weird but i got some things re worked and edited to make it pvp based. im impressed with this build as a foundation for me to learn more of this awesome mod

this name change on the talent ability its an addon issue, related to the last update, probably the gnomesequencer developer will fix it soon. however at least for me the macro still work even with the different name of the talent.

This isnt a bug - its by design. WoW has base spells and updated spells. Drain Soul Replaces shadowbolt. if you /cast Shadowbolt and you have the talent or proc it will cast drain soul instead. WoW does this itself. However if you have /cast Drain Soul and dont have the talent or proc your macro will do nothing.

Thanks for the clarification,wondering if you could educate us in the new section of variables that you add to the addon and how we can use it to improve our macros.

Here is a macro that has this: GSE 2.6 Frost Macro Demonstrating Variables

Here is the documentation on it:

Here is a sample of a function variable that I wrote for JM’s Sub macro that when you hit 52 you swap Eviscerate to Black Powder:
UnitLevel("player") < 52 then return 'Eviscerate' else return 'Black Powder' end end

in the macro it has /castsequence spell1. spell2, spell3. ~~LEVEL52~~ with LEVEL52 being the name of the variable

Note: Variables have to be evaluated OUT of combat so cant do things like if x combo points etc.

What are the talent choices for this addon. Thank you.