Priest - Shadow Update 2

Hello everybody, back with more updates for lazy macros. I am very happy so far with the response towards the site, followers and viewers keep growing. All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for you guys recommending WoW Lazy Macros. Back to updates, this time is the Priest lazy macro.
A friend was having trouble with the macro locking up but I finally figured out what was the problem. Talents! Well, results that having the reduce cooldown talents for Mind Blast, the last lazy macro was working perfect. I fixed the macro by adding an extra Mind Flay, but had to sacrifice popping a trinket. Other than that, now people have a selection for either pvp or pve lazy macro for shadow priest.
Sorry I haven’t checked some lazy macros that people have reported on the comments, but Blizzard decided to give us the Welfare epics and you know who was on AV pvping to get gear right!?
Tell family and friends about us and I bet they will be very happy to see the improvements.