Problems with GS

Hello everyone.
Where has the sequences stuff gone to from the CORE folder ? all of the sudden its gone. ? i mean notting looks the same as the tutorial was from the beginning. can someone explain please. regards

Hi Roger,

Seems to me you have the same happen to you as I did, if you store your sequences in the core folder everytime GE-E has an update through curse etc it will overwrite everything in that folder and all other folders that came with the download.

Look in the forums for Timothylukes GS-E setup links in those links he shows you how to fix that problem so it will not happen to you again, your not the first and if I’m corect in saying this you won’t be the last.

‘Things just don’t happen, you have to make them happen’


I’ve been saying that as I update any changes you have made to the local folders will get overridden. This has been one of my most frustrating annoyances with this mod. The changes in 1.3 to be able to dynamically edit sequences in game also meant that I cant support teh Sequence.lua file in the core anymore. There are two solutions.

Inside the Game
See this page on Migrating from a Sequence.lua file -

Outside the Game
If you prefer using a text editor you can either download the GS-myMacros shell from wowinterface or you can take your sequences file and make your own addon - If you go down this path you also need to understand how versioning is maintained in GS-E -

Hi TimothyLuke,

The Mod is fantastic and at no fault of yours it is what it is and as mentioned and as I did and didn’t read the full installation on how to set the separate lua. file and folder all was overwritten with every update. Although once steered in the right direction and followed your video on how to’s this has not happened to me since.

Great work keep it going as you make game play for a lot of us players who would not normally of had the capabilities or physical abilities to do what the macro’s can.