Protection Raiding Macro?


Is there a good raiding macro for prot. warrior’s?

Yes and no. You could use a few of these macros already posted here if you are just going to to LFR and maybe flex, but for normal modes and heroics you would really gut most of the macros here down to just a small basic rotations, even then you have to be careful.

What happens in these all-in-one macros is you have zero control of your defensive cooldowns and active mitigation. Blizzard has changed how tanks function now and active mitigation and how and when you use it is the difference between a a good tank a bad one.

What i suggest you do is learn to play the class manually as best you can and then go back and make a macro that makes your life easier. Put your rotational abilities into 2 categories, single target and aoe. keep your active mitigation on a different button, use a timer to track when it falls off and make sure you use it when you need it. Put your large raid and tank CDs off the macro. Nothing worse than blowing shield wall when no damage is coming in and your at full HP.

You can take look at the type of macros i make for myself and share here. I posted a shadow priest one and a Ret/prot ones. They are all under 255, so no need for a addon to extend and no large walls of test to execute. I do explane how they are to be used and what addons you will need to make it easier to do. I am currently 564 ivl and 4/14 heroic SoO. So the macros can be very competitive and work on the hardest content. I suggest if you are seriously interested in raiding that use a smaller macro, that leaves you more control. Good luck and have fun.