Protection (Tank) [2 Buttons] – 5.0.4

It has a modifier for Avenger’s Shield in the main full rotation one and the cooldowns has a modifier for Hammer of Wrath.

Holy charges will be spent with the macro rotation, if you use a finishing move outside of it will cause the macro to get locked up.

If you miss an attack it might get locked up. Save charges from Avenger’s Shield proc or be close to hit cap to prevent missing. Other option is wait 3 seconds until macro resets.

Main Rotation:

/castsequence [mod]Avenger's Shield;reset=3 Judgment,Hammer of the Righteous,Holy Wrath,Judgment,Shield of the Righteous,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Hammer of the Righteous,Shield of the Righteous


/cast [mod] Hammer of Wrath; Divine Protection
/cast Guardian of Ancient Kings
/cast Ardent Defender
/cast Devotion Aura
/cast Avenging Wrath
/use 13
/use 14

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thank you for the macro! quick question: what does the [mod] do? Is that suppose to be [mod:shift] or [mod:alt]?


You are welcome, [mod] by itself takes all the keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift). If you decide for an specific one then is like you wrote it, like [mod:shift] etc…

Here is a post that explains more: Modifiers


I’m not sure if this went live, but during beta this was true that [mod] meant nothing. You had to do mod:Shift or mod:ALT to use another button. I don’t know if it has been fixed already though.

Hi Michael, I don’t know if is because I’m in a Mac client, but it works fine here with all the keys while [mod]. I just verified it a few seconds ago :wink:

Wow thanx nice pala macro it’s working well. But If you can plz make CD macro alone and dps macro it wil be perfect and easy

Thoughts on this rotation?

/castsequence [mod]Avenger’s Shield;reset=3 Judgment,Hammer of the Righteous,Consecration,Holy Wrath,Judgment,Shield of the Righteous,sacred Shield,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Hammer of the Righteous,Shield of the Righteous

I like your AOE addition Vyper. My problem with these are that they are real sensitive to getting locked up if you will. I find myself with 2 extra HP alot. I will mess with it and see if i come up with anything, new to tanking myself.

This is my solution to a 1-button macro.

/castsequence [mod]Sacred Shield;reset=3 Judgment,Crusader Strike,Holy Wrath,Consecration,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Consecration, /cast Shield of the Righteous
I have removed Shield of the Righteous from the cast sequence since CS and/or HoR can proc Avenger's Shield which will then generate 1 Holy Power. By creating a line with /cast Shield of the Righteous I can make SotR cast whenever I have 3 Holy Power, since it's off the global cooldown. That's better than having a strict rotation where you can waste Holy Power because the castsequence is not ready for SotR yet.

However there will be a down time where both Judgement and CS is on a 3 sec CD. That’s where I use Avenger’s Shield. Also there will be a few seconds down time at some point, which we cannot avoid.

If your raid comp doesn’t have physical damage reduction debuff, I would recommend replacing just 1 CS with HoR for the 10% dmg reduction debuff.


AoE version

For an AoE version CS can be replaced with HoR.



This macro has 2 (or probably more) problems.

  1. By making SotR cast all the time, you’ll have a hard time using Holy Power for Word of Glory, since spamming the 1-button macro will use the Holy Power before you even know.
    I don’t know if threat is an issue in MoP yet. If it isn’t we might wan’t to use Word of Glory instead because SotR would be wasted on threat.
  2. This macro uses consecration, so you cannot glyph it and make use of the ranged consecration. Personally I won’t glyph consecration anyway, because I think it’s a bad way to pull, since the mobs will run out of the AoE fast and because the mobs should be attacking you at melee range anyway. Avenger’s Shield is for range pulling/silencing caster mobs etc.

Especially the 1st problem I mentioned is worth taking into consideration. The macro is okay for the lazy tanks, but you might wan’t the Word of Glory in raids. We’ll see.


It looks like there’s less downtime on this macro:

/castsequence [mod]Sacred Shield;reset=3 Judgment,Crusader Strike,Holy Wrath,Judgment,Consecration,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Consecration, /cast Shield of the Righteous
Fill out the cooldown gaps with Avenger's Shield and Sacred Shield.

This is what I have been using. Got some neat ideas off this website. You will lose some DPS waiting for the gap to use AS but hey your job is to keep mobs stuck to you and not worry too much about the DPS. Also you got to pay some price for being lazy.


Macro based off this rotation:

CS - X - X - CS - GAP - X - CS - X - GAP - CS - X - X - CS - GAP - X - CS - X - GAP

Where X= Judgement >Conc>HW in that priority and gaps to be filled with AS>SS

Starts off with Hammer for the debuff and Crusader after that for single target rotation.

Multiple target macro has all the CS replaced with HotR.

This macro based off 1.5 sec global cooldown and takes about 27 seconds for full sequence at which point it restarts the sequence with Hammer.

There are 4 “1.5” sec gaps (Cooldown Lockouts) which can be used for Avenger’s Shield/Sacred Shield refresh. I dont think these lockouts can be avoided. See rotation above for gaps.

The macro also applies SotR everytime there is 3 holy power collected assuming that the healer is doing his job and you don’t need to use the WoG for self heal.

Reset can be set as per your desire. 4 sec reset is based off nothing. I just prefer 4 seconds.

Macro length with spaces:

Single target: 218

Multiple target: 250

Single Target:

/castsequence reset=4 Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Consecration,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Consecration,Crusader Strike,Holy Wrath
/cast Shield of the Righteous

Multiple Targets:

/castsequence reset=4 Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Consecration,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Hammer of the Righteous,Holy Wrath,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Consecration,Hammer of the Righteous,Holy Wrath
/cast Shield of the Righteous


Please advice if you find a flaw or a better arrangements of spells.

I’ve been using the following two macros based on all the suggestions posted earlier in this thread. (Thank you all so much btw.)

(Note that these require Talents to be put into Holy Prism and Sacred Shield.)

Macro 1: 255/255 characters used

/castsequence reset=alt/3 Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Consecration,Crusader Strike,Holy Wrath,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Sacred Shield,Consecration,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Holy Prism,Holy Prism
/cast Shield of the Righteous

Macro 2: 255/255 characters used

#show Holy Prism
/castsequence reset=alt/3 Judgment,Hammer of the Righteous,Consecration,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Sacred Shield,Crusader Strike,Consecration,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Holy Wrath,Holy Prism,Holy Prism
/cast Shield of the Righteous

Open/pull with Holy Prism (optionally followed by Avenger’s Shield)

Keep spamming 1 until Holy Prism is cast (the icon for Macro 2 should give a visual indicator as to how long is left until that point and whether you’ve already cast it without realizing it), spam 2 when Holy Prism is cast until Holy Prism is cast again. Go back to spamming 1. Toss in Avenger’s Shields whenever it’s up.

I calculated all this out based on a 3 x 9 grid with Crusader Strike (or HotR) prioritized. Apparently there’s only one possible combination of 27 GCDs (40.5 seconds) that includes the maximum possible 9 Crusader Strikes, the maximum 6 Judgments (with max Crusader Strikes), no more than 2 Sacred Shields (as it lasts 30 seconds) with no assumed availability of Avenger’s Shield, with Holy Prism set at 19.5 / 21 second intervals, and no empty gaps.

(The possibility of a 0.5 second gap due to a 19.5 second cooldown for Holy Prism is negated by the fact that an Avenger’s Shield will always be available at least once during this period.)

I doubled up on Holy Prism at the end of both macros to force a soft lockout so that you could flow into the other macro without accidentally disrupting the cycle through a hard lockout.

Since the random proc of the Grand Crusader passive resets the Avenger Shield cooldown and makes it grant Holy Power if fired off within 6 seconds of proc, I didn’t want to use the ability in a static macro and risk the macro locking up if you had already decided to fire the Shield off.

I figured it’s better to just use fire it off whenever it’s available, which tends to be erratic.


TLDR Version: Push 1 until 2’s icon goes gray. Push 2 until 2’s icon goes gray. Repeat.


This macro is actually pretty damn good. Only thing I was thinking about is if it’s possible to play a sound when holy prism is used.

I dumped the second macro completely… since its a carbon copy of the first, just drop the last holy prism off the end of the 1 macro and thats all you need. Found no lockups at all. I spam macro 1 and use another button for Avengers Shield as it becomes available. Just hit 90 so only at ilevel 433 but getting over 13k on target dummy.


Using SuperDuperMacro and this only…


/run SetCVar(“Sound_EnableSFX”,“0”)
/use [nochanneling] 13
/use [nochanneling] 14
/cast [nochanneling] avenging wrath
/cast [nochanneling] holy avenger
/run SetCVar(“Sound_EnableSFX”,“1”)
/castsequence reset=target/4 Judgment, Hammer of the Righteous, Consecration, Holy Wrath, Crusader Strike, Judgment, Sacred Shield, Crusader Strike, Consecration, Judgment, Crusader Strike, Holy Wrath, Holy Prism
/cast Shield of the Righteous
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Let me know if this also works for you any tweaks you think might be needed.

Awesome post, Britt.
Good call on moving the Judgment to the start; it sacrifices a Holy Power in the full 40 second double rotation, but it’s worth it for one less macro to push.

However, I noticed that your second Holy Wrath now has a 7.5 second cooldown allotted to it, which could be troublesome if you had cast Avenger’s shield just before casting it and the one Judgment afterwards doesn’t proc the cooldown refresh on Avenger’s Shield.

To that end, I swapped its spot with Sacred Shield, and pushed Holy Prism back one spot. This ensures there is no 1.5 second gap, and also ensures Sacred Shield gets activated earlier in the rotation.

/castsequence reset=alt/3 Judgment,Hammer of the Righteous,Consecration,Sacred Shield,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Consecration,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Holy Prism,Holy Wrath
/cast Shield of the Righteous

Tested this new one while doing Shieldwall Dailies against the Arena Animals, and verified that it works.

Also I suggest mapping the macro’s icon picture to the big red question mark; this lets you know what ability will come up next and helps you track whether or not the macro is working properly.

TLDR: Use this new macro. Don’t stop pushing it, except to push Avenger’s Shield (or Hammer of Wrath) when they are available.