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I was asked a while ago to post my protection warrior macros, I didn’t feel it was justified as I was running a slightly modified Ground Pound. Since I started raiding as a tank however I’ve found the need to make more adjustments as well as some of my own, so here they are. I run all of these at 30ms with AHK.

These macros take care of all of your offensive needs and include Shield Block, Ignore Pain, and Demo Shout. All other defensives need to be used manually.

Active Tanking Macro


Usage Information
Run at 30ms
Alt mod set to Revenge.
v1 - Has no Spell Reflect
v2- Uses Spell reflect.
v3 - Place holder to show where essences and racials should go.

Off Tank Macro


Usage Information
Run at 30ms
Alt mod set to Revenge
v1 - Defualt
v2 -Includes Ignore Pain and Spell reflection
v3 - Includes Demo Shout
v4 - Includes Demo Shout, Ignore Pain, and Spell Reflection

Modifying the Macros

Feel free to change things up as you see fit and re post them either here or under your own thread.
The main Tank Macro v3 has place holders for essences and racials. Just copy the line and paste it in the same location in the macro you want to use it in. You will have to change the racial spell name to the name of the racial you want to use, essences should be fine with the line as it is.

Other Addons

There is a pretty good WA for tanks, you can find it here: Wago. Remember to set the other tank as focus.
To quickly lay markers on Skitra: MagicMarker or Exorsus Raid Tools.

Video and Parses

I don’t like posting parses because there are to many factors that go into them and it can lead to unrealistic expectations. Instead I prefer to show the macro in use with a video. Here is a Freehold +7 (teeming, quaking) run, I picked the first 4 people that applied which resulted in a fairly under geared healer (Who is an amazing player.) I had an ilvl of 448. The opening pull shows you that the macro by itself doesn’t make you invincible. At 4:08 I am pushed to the limit of what I can achieve, as is my healer.

With that said here they are, because experience has taught me that people are going to ask anyway.

These are parses for normal Ny’alotha and with a low ilvl so they are a bit skewed towards being on the high end. On the other hand I did not have Conflict and Strife and both my trinkets were aoe damage trinkets. I also only had about a 30% uptime on Shield wall and last stand so there could have been a lot more healing.


So far I’ve been able to two chest a +6, but to be honest that is without using any defensives outside of those used in the main macro. It should push 10+ easily as I was able to survive pulling 6 trash packs at once on a sanguine week in a +4 freehold (knocked off the bridge after the second boss) and it pulled 320k dps.


If you are running difficult content stick to the Main Tank Macro v1. If you are messing about in lower keys or just want to push dps use the Off Tank Macro v1.

Azerite Traits

3 x Bastion of Might
2 x Deafening Crash

Fill the rest with
Callous Reprisal
Iron Fortress

The macro will work fine with any traits but these are the largest dps and survivability traits when tanking large packs.


Into the Fray
Crackling Thunder
Unstoppable Force
Rumbling Earth
Booming Voice
Anger Management

Chosen again for large trash pack pulls. On a high key or a week with affixes that require smaller pulls you may want to change some of these.


Major Vision of Perfection
Minor Nullification Dynamo Aegis of the Deep Memory of Lucid Dreams


Twilight Devastation - This is the best AoE damage trait, hands-down.
Gushing Wound - Best single target and it can proc on multiple enemies with the amount of AoE we use.


Charge Active Tank Macro Pummel Taunt


While you can change talents and essences on a fight per fight basis I find that most raid groups don’t want to wait around. So instead we will use a general build for the entire raid. If you find yourself in the circumstance of being able to change essences and talents around you should follow the wowhead guide. Most of the talents should work fine.


Into the Fray
Crackling Thunder
Unstoppable Force
Storm Bolt
Anger Management

Major The Crucible of Flame
Minor Nullification Dynamo Conflict and Strife Vision of Perfection

You are going to want to use the active tanking macro while actively tanking. This uses shield block and other defensive cooldowns. If it is a fight were you are not actively tanking use the off tank macro. As I have arthritis that prevents me from using more then 4 keys at a time this is what my active action bar looks like. I click everything else.

Charge Active Tank Macro Off Tank Macro Taunt




Active Tank macro: v1
Off Tank Macro: v1

  • You want to face Wrathion to the side so so that Searing Breath and Tail Swipe will not hit the raid.
  • Use the active tank macro while tanking Wrathion and swap at two stacks of Searing Armor, when you lose agro switch to the off tank macro.
  • Right before you are hit with the second stack of Searing Armor use either Last stand (if Shield Block is not active) or Shield Wall. In a pinch you can use spell reflect or even Rallying Cry.
  • To avoid Gale Blast charge a healer.
  • Watch for were the safe patches are going to be and leap into them.
  • I tend to save spell reflect for the parts of the fight that I don’t have any uptime on the boss, this helps the healers cover raid wide damage.



Active Tank macro: v1
Off Tank Macro: v1

  • Most of this fight will require active mitigation. Only use the Off Tank Macro if there are no adds and you are not tanking the boss.
  • You should either taunt every 2-3 stacks of Shadow Wounds or alternivitvly the add tank can take the first 2 stacks and then swap to adds. This will leave the main tank taking 6 stacks of Shadow Wounds however.
  • Use Spell Reflection and Shield Wall to reduce the damage you take from the last stacks of Shadow Wounds you take (either 2 or 6 depending on your stratagy.) Alternitivly you can use Last Stand or Rallying Cry to increase your health to give the healers some breathing room.
  • Tank the adds so that they are in puddles of Devoured Abyss but you are not.
  • Step into Devoured Abyss to avoid being killed by Stygian Annihilation
  • A great use of Rallying Cry is to increase the raids health during Obsidian Shatter
  • Also during Obsidian Shatter you want to grab the mana orbs that spawn from the edges of the room and bring them to the raid, as this increases the healers mana.



Active Tank macro: v2
Off Tank Macro: v1

  • Taunt-swap the boss at 5 to 7 stacks of Shadow Shock
  • Shield Block and Last Stand do not mitigate Shadow Shock damage so make sure to use Last Stand and Rallying Cry as health buffers at high stacks while alternating between Health Pots, Cookies, and Shield Wall to take the last stack.
  • In phase two one tank needs to put raid markers on the floor in front of each skitra, the other tank then needs to call out which boss has the raid marker in front of it. If you in voice coms this isn’t much of a problem if your pugging the best way to do this is to use /rw. You can quickly lay marks with MagicMarker or Exorsus Raid Tools.










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@deranged-hermit Wow good job on such a detailed macro guide! Makes me reconsider leveling my warrior! But where are the macros?

I’ll be posting them later today or tomorrow. I want to make sure I have the correct versions listed in each area and that I’m not missing anything.

Great thanks, just making sure you hadn’t forgotten them in the description! :wink: keep up the good work!

Noob here, but i cant see any macro here :sweat_smile:

I still haven’t posted it yet. Check back tomorrow and they will be up. Still finish the guide on what to use and when as there are many separate macros and several versions of each.

It looks like I have a copyright claim on the video. Which is a bit funny as its using WoW music and voice acting.

I was wondering if anyone else can see it. If not I’ll edit it.

hey Hermit, I can see your video if there is only one in the OP :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the quick reply.

that is the macros i looking for thnks my friend!!!

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