does anyone have a working version that would be able to upload to a dropbox or something. i purged my laptop today and accidentally deleted my version.

yep i did this also and just cannot get/find it online any longer

i may have a friend who has a copy he is checking today if he does i will try remember to upload toa dropbox

Yup want to get back into WoW and sure enough no punchkey to be found. Will much appreciate the upload also.

he had punchkey 7 will put it in a dropbox tommorow after work

hmm trying to figure out dropbox

dropbox punchkey Link

i think that should work

what a punch key do, sorry for being noob tried to google it but nothing useful.

PunchKey is like AHK but there’s no need for scripts.

How does Punchkey work? I selected a key to transmit. How do you get it to starting sending the key?

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PunchKey is the bestn working perfectly in 2019.

PunchKey 3 found. Here’s a Google Drive link.

This is version punch key 7.

anyone by chance have the punchmouse program saved as well? For the life of me despite hours of trial and error and research, i cannot get a ahk script working to use my mb4 button, just looking for alternatives ty.

Anyone know if there is a punch key-like app that’ll work with a controller? I’m using ConsolePort and it would be great to give my thumb a rest!

I know im a bit late to the topic. But i plugged in a VERY old HD and found that it had Punchkey on it. So if any1 wants it please let me know.

what does delay min max do?