Question Castsequence with modifier

Hallo there,

I am actually writing an AIO macro for my enhancer just with one modifier for Single and Aoe.
So far it works, but I don’t know, if I could do one line with castsequence better.

/castsequence [mod:shift,combat,nochanneling] Ice Strike, Stormstrike, Chain Lightning; Ice Strike, Stormstrike, Lightning Bolt

So, if I press shift, then it starts with Ice Strike, Stormstrike, Chain Lightning. When i release my shift key after Ice Strike, Stormstrike, then it starts again with Ice Strike, Stormstrike and then Lightning Bolt. Am I right?

If it’s true, is there a way, to build a castsequence with [options], that only differences between Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt by useing mod:shift? So that it does not affect the intermediate rotation with Ice Strike and Stormstrike and does not start from the beginning.

Hope you can understand me. Maby somebody could help me.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:
Patrick :slight_smile:

No it will continue where it let off when you next hold shift. The exception to this is if you have either left combat or your macro casts these other spells in another castsequence in your macro. Note it had to be a castsequence not a cast for this to occur.

Also castsequence is sooooo reliable (note my sarcasm) that it will do whatever the he’ll it wants when it wants with no rhyme or reason. It will work perfectly and then for no reason just change. There are less bugs in the entire planet then present within castsequence so good luck using it in any way at all.

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