Question hunter bm

at present hunter bm is not bad, but it would need a general buff, and especially to review the aoe damage. the nicest thing seen for the bm was giving us the spell trait azerite in battle for azerhot (fast reload) which to date has been the only real thing done well to make our aoe gorgeous. to date the bbm lacks so much in aoe in my opinion not being able to count perhaps on a spread of the barbed shot on the targets or on the nerfs that I used to spell for aoe.

if you cycle in multi shot, you get beast cleave. You can keep that up nearly full time. Now add in the talent that you get critical damage as a bleed… Then you have bleeding aoe full time while still doing massive single target dps. I set a cast sequence to alternate between 2 cobras then a multi in that portion of the block. In most sequences it works out very well with minimal loss compared to only single target dps.

to have maximum dps we need that in our aoe we manage to keep up barbed shot + bestial slash always active in order to spam then kill command so that our damages are comopleti aoe. I’m trying to do this in the macros, but it’s difficult, mostly the barbed shot will be used in cold weather, wasting in fact when procca free both focus and reload time. alas we will find ourselves in some phases where we will not have an active barbed shot due to the “wasted” coldow and consequently less damage. I repeat that blizzard should give us a talent or remodel something to make spandado aoe apply babred shhot to all mobs a bit like the dots of the druid balance.