Quick questions for Creators about Ret Pally macro

Hey there, need some help with a mod/nomod macro.

I am using /cast [nomod,combat] Templar’s Verdict; [mod:alt,combat] Seraphim and it’s working fine. I want to change it so that on alt press, it casts Seraphim, Wake of Ashes.


/castsequence [nomod,combat] Templar’s Verdict, nul; [mod:alt,combat] Seraphim, Wake of Ashes

but for some reason it will never cast Templar’s Verdict.

What am I doing wrong?

Also while I’m here, why wouldn’t this work???

/castsequence [mod:ctrl,@player] Judgment, Final Reckoning, Execution Sentence


To answer my first question, apparently this work…

/castsequence [nomod,combat] Templar’s Verdict; [mod:alt,combat] Seraphim, Wake of Ashes

Any idea how to make this one work?
/castsequence [mod:ctrl,@player] Judgment, Final Reckoning, Execution Sentence

You could also simplify this as
/castsequence [mod:alt,combat] Seraphim, Wake of Ashes; [combat] Templar’s Verdict

I would guess that your last line wont work as Judgement cant be cast on a Player.

@TimothyLuke Great thanks! I’ll change it and keep working on my last one then! Keep up the good work!

@TimothyLuke for some reason your version of the macro doesn’t work, it puts Templar’s Verdict in red.

For some reason writing Templar’s Verdict doesn’t work anymore, I had to go get the ID number on WowHead.com and with it, it works. Sorry for the confusion, don’t know why it did that.

Check the ‘ from Templar’s Verdict - if you copy and pasted it might have the wrong ‘

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