Raiding with GSE

Is there anyone with successful raiding career in guild (at least full HC each patch) while using GSE all the time? With 70%+ logs.
Tell me pls your class and spec. Wanna try active raiding, but too old and lazy to do all rotations manually.

so your so ‘lazy’ to even ‘try’ it out yourself ? lol’s now thats lazy

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Yeah, i have both AOTC for this patch + i run +15 keys with GSE.
Always 70%+ parse…around 90% on my tanks…
I play Blood DK, Prot pally, BM hunter, Boomkin.

Thx, didn’t think about tanks.

Silversage, Which macro do you use for your boomkin?

Also interested in the Boomy one Silversage

I would agree with Blood DK tank, I was parsing 90%+ on average in DPS when I was Tanking for my guild in Heroic got a few 100%'s which was nice.

@silversage I completely agree tanks are a good choice. I ran prot warrior and blood dk. What prot pally macro did you run? I didn’t have the best luck with any of them.

My ret macro constantly pulls 85% + parses for me

My normal m bod is 97+ and bod hc is 95+ all with macro

Jeremy and Zelius.

What macros are you guys using?

I mythic raid on my DK and get 90 Parses with my blood and UH, FRost is possible I dont use, Heroic ive done fury , WW mnk and Havok DH, all my own macros and all about 70%

But I will be clear it take more than the macro to get those parses, min maxing gear, correct traits, ability to keep up time on boss and knowing when and where to cheese things, can make a difference.