Record Macro not saving

HI there, I decided to try and take a page out of Cym’s book and record my own macro. However, it is not saving. I record it, click “create macro” and then it is not showing in the list of macros. I have reloaded and everything and it still won’t show up. Has anyone else had this problem?

I’ve also run into this problem without a fix. I’m afraid to ask for help here because of everyone shouting, “google it!” or “learn to search and stop asking stupid questions…” or things of that nature. So, i just use the macros others create, and i just try to modify them (buusually break them while doing so, lol). So, if you find anything out, let me know. I’m dying to record and use my own macro.

I looked through the issues reported on GSE’s bug list and there is nothing active about this. Either there is a bug or it’s something you are doing wrong. In the former case you might want to think about reporting it with as much detail as you can supply.


The first thing I would try, is a pain, but disabling all other addons. There might be something causing an issue, or there might not be. But best way to tell if it is a GSE issue or not. If that does take care of the problem, another pain, turn one addon on at a time, test GSE to see if it is recording a macro, and continue this process until you find the Addon that is causing an issue.

I personally have never used record feature of GSE, I normally write them in the create a new macro section, and I never had an issue making a macro there.

I just tested my record feature of GSE. I pressed record macro, the the record button, casted a few spells and I saw them go into the window. And then I hit create macro. it worked for me, I did this two times with no issue. There was a small delay on the second macro showing in the list but it showed up after I opened a macro and closed it.

Sorry I could not help.