Removed post do to missbehave

post removed do to ppl cant behave

Why? I play some macros with 0ms and nothing happen.

Some people just don’t read or listen.

But I’d like to think as them as to driving drunk. They say “I’m perfectly fine. NOTHING will EVER happen to me. I do it ALL the TIME.” Then that one day…

Not casting Aimed Shot for me.

Test it now , import 1 more time did just update it.
Did work for me here

I think separate macros for single and AOE are better

Is it need to tick the using external timer box?

i will make a separate macro today if i have the time, and update it here

Unfortunately every macro present for hunter are not good, I have tried them all and they suffer from several problems example:

  1. every macro for both hunter mm and bm use the various cd precision/aspect of selva+ coven in macro and it is 100% wrong as they should be used out in precise points (boss aoe massive etc) so just make a separate macro and join them together.
  2. bm suffers a lot and is very low ndps very slow and often unplayable. all macros are not fluid or jump or block, or however dps is low (tested with the legendaries in game all) currently bm is very bad. as for mm often or skips the cd or however is slow to use the spell, the substantial difference is seen in aoe however where aimè all macros are wrong in the use of proc (misleading shots) the macro to be perfect aoe must do:
    multiple shots-----proc deceptive shots----- rapidity of shot/target shot to benefit. instead it often either uses rapidity of shot to single target or uses too many more stabilized shots.
    i myself am having problems with aoe macro all, singol let’s say could be ok ,while aoe no

Translated with (free version)

What do you expect with a macro that is used on something like AHK? It isnt going to stop mid rotation to cast a spell that you need. It cant be automated like that otherwise its basically botting and will start to get people banned.

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