📊 Request a Combat System for your spec!

Awesome Unholy would be cool :slight_smile:

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I second shadow priest! :smile:

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Affic (warlock) could be funny :smiley: - Or Elementel shaman (with lavabursting) - i have problems to find some good of them both :frowning:

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I saw some stuff in the thread about modifiers etc - here is some of what I have learned over the years.

First there is almost a hierarchy when using them …

Order I found that seems to work best:

  1. [mod:shiftctrl]
  2. [mod:shiftalt]
  3. [mod:shift]
  4. [mod:ctrl]
  5. [mod:ctrlalt]
  6. [mod:alt]

Reversing the order on a modkey will result in the default order:

[mod:ctrlshift] will fire off as [mod:shiftctrl]

If you use castsequence and/or combine lines with them both using [modkeys] it’s best to put a [nomod:KEY,mod:KEY] on the second and part of the line or when you don’t want an ability to fire off accidentally when using a similar [modkey] to fire off an different ability


  • /cast[mod:shiftctrl,known:102560,combat] Incarnation: Chosen of Elune; [nomod:shiftctrl,mod:ctrl,known:22842] Frenzied Regeneration

You can also use mouse buttons - I think it’s like [mod:btn1] you’d have to look that up

When it comes to SpellID’s:

  • I’ve found it’s hit or miss - I always error on the safe side and put a [known:SPELLID] when it comes to abilities that are on choose nodes in the talent trees or Cooldowns

As far as getting the SPELLID’s I use an addon called idTip


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Wow, that’s a lot of good information.

After the previous discussion about modifier combinations I realized that with the way my systems are set up I would have to ask everyone to create additional action keys; plus one for each combination.

Currently I’m working with four keys. For simplicities sake and ease of installation I’m going to stick to that.

I may implement a CTRL+ALT as an ‘ultimate ability’ in the future.

I always try to use the Spell ID for abilities, but sometimes I’m left scratching my head and switch to the spell name :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the info :+1:

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I have also always tried to stick to the same “format” with modkeys:

nomod: ST
mod:shift: AOE
mod:shiftalt: Important 3 min CD’s
mod:shiftctrl: Trinkets and CD’s that you want to tie to trinkets
mod:ctrl: 45-60sec CD’s
mod:ctrlalt: OH Shits save me stuff
mod:alt: Procs

sometimes I’m left scratching my head and switch to the spell name :sweat_smile:

  • Hit Save and they will pop up

Any chance you can do Havok DH since you done vengeance? Love your weak auras btw. They are great.

Definitely going to get around to every spec! I have S.Priest next, then Prez, then moving onto the poll results / direct requests. Havoc is high on the list, lots of people asking for it :smiling_imp:


i might be a basic bitch lol but is there a possiblity we’d be seeing arms, MM hunter, ele shaman in the mix? gonna be tryin out the macro for the first time but seen good things

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@Matthew_14105, Going to get to them all! Working on Spriest now

This is shown in the GSE Spell Cache (in Options) and also you can go to wowhead and look up a spell. The Id will be the numbers in the URL. Blizzard - Spell - World of Warcraft Blizzard = 190356

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Good to know, one of my addons shows me the spell ID, I think ElvUI :thinking:

@Aerrek_WoW After getting the KSM with your Brew monk macro, now I eagerly await the WW monk macro. LoL

Thank you for all your hard work!

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Id love to vote for my underplayed Frost dk to get a macro :pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5:

id love an update on your outlaw rogue or a sub rogue. I think a balance druid would be interesting but you would prob need 2 macros for it to run best.

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Not going to lie, there have been some instances when I thought I might need 2 macros but with enough brainpower :brain: (and pulling my hair out :rage: (resto shaman / spreist)) I made it work. It’s just that double the macros is double the maintenace, so, challenge accepted.

The final two classes lacking systems are Evoker and Rogue so keep an eye out :+1:

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Not going to lie, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a Rogue macro that wasn’t complete chaos. I even tried my hand at a WA and Modifier powered Outlaw macro a while ago but just never had the time to “get good” enough at Weak Auras to make it really useful. Plus my wife (bless her heart) is “Sub4Life!!” lol.

I’m hoping it’s Aug evoker lol

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Maybe, no one knows ¯ \ _(ツ) _/¯
(I know)

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It would be pretty entertaining if you did not know.


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