Requesting 6.0.3 Guardian+Pulverize Macro

TL;DR if you want to get to my request.

I have been using the macrotool kit for some time now, and it has had its fair share of uses. I just got a hold of the Gnome Sequencer addon and I must say it is nice. A lot more room and flexibility to make macros. I have seen and tried some of the current macros provided for Guardian, but for the most part they have been clunky and some what unwieldy(like spamming my defensive cool down’s, or using thrash a lot more than needed on single targets, especially when pulverize or mangle are ready).

Now I am not going to smash any of the authors of these macro’s. They know how to write, and I sure as hell don’t. But if I could just get what I think would be better for these macros out there(if what I am requesting is possible)

1st: Priority

Mangle: From the other websites I have read, Mangle is king(especially with Soul of the Forest), even if Pulverize is ready and about to expire.

Pulverize: Hands down, best tier VII talent for Guardian according to every website I have read, should be next in the macro(if Mangle is on CD).

Thrash: Needs to be cast once, and then refreshed before it expires(16 sec duration). I don’t even know if it is even possible to “delay” an ability with no cool down, so not sure if this request can even be fulfilled.

Lacerate: Needs to be spammed when the above are on cd, not ready, or does not need to be refreshed.

Faerie Fire: As for me, I don’t use FF for ranged threat. I use Glyph of Fae Silence for multiple caster scenarios. For those of you out there that do use FF without the glyph, if there a way for the macro to use FF when a mob/boss were out of range due to charging/flying away, that would be helpful to you guys.

Maul: This is the tricky one. Is it possible at all to have a macro use maul ONLY when Tooth and Claw procs? I ask this because I feel that early on in this expansion that Guardians need to focus more on defensive rotation, rather than spamming maul “just in case” tooth and claw comes up. A lot of my rage has gone to empty mauls(well not empty, obviously more damage and threat on 1 or 2 targets at a time) and that rage could be pooled for a FR or SD rather than a set-it-and-forget-it rotation.

2nd: Defensive Cool Downs

Active Mitigation
Savage Defense: Our strongest(due to the majority of encounters being melee) defensive cool down, having a short cool down, and even shorter duration forces me to spam it when possible, because having the ~10% dodge we have as our base dodge doesn’t cut it. Some may disagree but I think spamming is the only option.

Frenzied Regeneration: Our 2nd line of defense, when dodge is not an option, or we have an excess of rage due to low TC procs and we are in a crit string. The only issue with this is the 1.5 sec cd, which is augmented by haste as well. Can we delay it in the macro, say 6 seconds?

Tooth and Claw: Refer to Maul in above section.

Reactive Cool Down
Dream of Cenarius: This one I think is optional for the most part, some don’t take it, some do(like myself) but for the most part, I use an in game mouse over macro that I can use on myself(even if I don’t target myself) or others if I feel I don’t need the heal at the moment and the healer could use the help. To spam this at first chance could(and often leads to be) a waste of a heal and GCD.

Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Berserk and Tier II/VI Talents: These I consider “situational”, even those some would disagree. I believe that these should be left to the players discretion.

In short: This macro I am requesting is based on the many common findings about what would be the majority spec/glyph set up. 1. Following the above rotation/priority. 2. Finding a way to make the top 3 defensive cool downs work together smoothly, with priority being SD, FR, then TC: This is for single target and mob is not a caster.

Hey Chris, I usually check here for new ideas for my own macros and I saw your request, I’ve been running a pretty awesome macro, but I tweaked it a bit to try & meet the request.
(If you want to pool more Rage for FR just add another Lacerate or two before FR in the last macro.)
There are 2 modifiers tied in with this macro, SHIFT will spam FR, CRTL will spam Maul (for T&C proccs)

Sequences['Bear-ST'] = {
 PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [noform:1] !Bear Form(Shapeshift); Wild Charge
/cast Mangle
/cast Mangle
/castsequence [noform:1] !Bear Form(Shapeshift);reset=target/5 Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Lacerate,Pulverize,Lacerate,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Pulverize,Lacerate,Lacerate,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Lacerate,Lacerate,Pulverize,Thrash,Lacerate,Lacerate,Lacerate,Pulverize
/castsequence [mod:shift] Frenzied Regeneration; [mod:ctrl] Maul; reset=combat/8 Savage Defense, Lacerate, Lacerate, Frenzied Regeneration
 PostMacro = [[
/startattack [combat]
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()


I have been using your for a week now, it works great! i just removed wild charge to avoid mistake pulling.

Oh! Yeah that’s embarrassing. I just laugh like Errol Flynn as a pirate and keep spamming.

LOL with this macro, I usually stop spamming it when mobs die, you might want to try that if you don’t want keep on pulling…

Ive not tryed Gnome Sequencer as dont like the idea of changing the wow script but it does look intresting.
looking at what your saying about not mistake pulling, have you tryed putting [@mouseover] into the macro, should eliminate this problem

/cast [@mouseover,noform:1] !Bear Form(Shapeshift); Wild Charge

not tested but should work as it does work in normal macros