Hi all–

I’ve been playing around with Resto all week and believe I’ve tweaked my main macro enough to where it’s working efficiently. A lot of other macros I’ve seen out there 1) burn through mana way too quickly and 2) are setup improperly – Example: macro’s still using, “/castsequence [@focus] Lifebloom,Wrath,Wrath” etc. etc. – since the xpac you can no longer include DPS abilities within the same castsequence with healing abilities. It just doesn’t work anymore and will lock up (at least it does for me).

With that said, I’m using the following talents: 1,1,3,3,2,2,2

Main Glyphs: Healing Touch, Rebirth, and Rejuvenation

Main Macro:

Sequences['RestoHeal'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
	'/castsequence [@focus] reset=15/combat Rejuvenation,Lifebloom,Rejuvenation,Regrowth,Swiftmend',
	'/castsequence Wrath,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath',
	PostMacro = [[
/cast [@mouseover] Rejuvenation
/cast [combat]Nature's Swiftness
/cast [@focus]Ironbark

As you’ll notice, this is a Wrath oriented healing play style. Some like to just heal only, while others like myself, enjoy also doing DPS since it also provides a decent healing bonus via Wrath damage done. Your focus will be the tank and the healing castsequence starts off with Rejuvenation for a specific reason. This is done because there are instances during combat when you may need to jump into manual healing mode, then when you jump back to the macro it will be stuck trying to cast Swiftmend, but since the tank no longer has an active Regrowth/Rejuv it’s frozen and only casting back to back Wrath’s.

You’ll also notice there is no Wild Growth or Wild Mushroom in the above macro. That is because I consider those both to be AoE healing abilities and extremely situational. If you do include them in your main macro this is when you’ll see your mana go bye-bye quickly… In an ideal group your tank should be the only one taking damage and during those times when the entire group is taking damage I will then pop the following regular in-game macro:

/castsequence [nomod,@focus] reset=5 Wild Growth,Wild Mushroom,Ursol’s Vortex;
/cast [mod:ctrl]Genesis;

I like Ursol’s Vortex as it helps in situations where a large group is pulled to slow them down and keeps them away from you and near the tank. You can see this is where I’ve added my Genesis ability, which is a very powerful ability (overlooked I feeL) if you have active Rejuv’s on everyone and want to heal everyone quickly.

Beyond all of that I keep Force of Nature and Barkskin on a different button also, because again, situational. If you’re using this main macro, along with the AoE one when needed you should very rarely ever have to pop Force of Nature. I’ve noticed the only times I use it is when the tank and melee are just lazy players not moving out of stuff on the ground or away from cleaves, etc…

You will very rarely ever run out of mana, your group will be happy and dungeons will go smoothly (provided you don’t get queue’d up with window lickers). At least I don’t. Always utilize your clear casting when it’s up to pop Regrowth on whoever (mine is keybound to my left mouse button) since that’s a free Regrowth cast and a 60% crit chance, and Resto’s most powerful heal ability at the moment.

I hope this helps someone out there. Always open to improvements/suggestions! :slight_smile:


Thank you

hey sgtbiggs jw do you have a solid heal one for like pure aoe heals as well?

great macro btw