Ret 6.0.2 First Attempt

So all the bar swapping makes me dizzy and really limits what spells i can key bind else where when you are never really on 1 set bar so, i thought id make my own and see where i got. runs good for a min or 2 averaging about 5200 dps with a 558 ilvl. BUT it hangs up now and again so maybe someone here can find an error and help me fix it.
Talents 3,2,3,2,3,3

#showtoottip Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath
/castsequence reset=5 Sacred Shield,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Exorcism,Templar’s Verdict,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Templar’s Verdict
/cast Execution Sentence
/cast Templar’s Verdict
/cast Exorcism

My only guess would be the exorcism in the castsequence. If it procs it will fire with /cast exorcism and leave the castsequence part hanging on its CD???

I can’t get the macro to fire at all, I edit’d it since copy/paste it messed up the TV’s but it doesn’t even try to start the macro. I think castsequence macro’s may be dead :frowning:

yea it wont work for me now either…=( i give up for today maybe someone else will have better luck

try this one was just working before i posted this
/castsequence reset=5 Sacred Shield,Judgment,Crusader Strike
/cast Templar’s Verdict
/cast Exorcism
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Holy Prism
add exorcism next to this to add in on down

its not 100% 1 button but it ran for 5 minues no hang ups adding in the exorcism waiting for gcd’s

I am using this for now, did some dungeons last night and seem to be holding on ok.
might help a little.

/castsequence reset=60 !Execution Sentence,Rebuke,Divine Protection,Divine Protection,Divine Protection
/castsequence Crusader Strike, Judgment
/castsequence !Exorcism,Judgment, Crusader Strike
/castsequence Judgment, Crusader Strike,!Templar’s Verdict
/use !Templar’s Verdict
/use !Hammer of Wrath
/use [combat] !Avenging Wrath
/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/ mtso

I took out avenging wrath cause i like to caste that manual, when i need it
hope it helps are gets you on right track

cool i’ll give yurs a shot and see what it does and maybe be able to fix my tank one now…what addon you using? thats more then 255