In an effort to keep many up and running as quick as possible, I’ve been working on some quick start macros
on as many classes as I can.

I don’t expect these to be optimal yet just to get things going from the Launch of BFA, they all work for me
feel free to try and leave feedback, although I don’t intend to change anything until live or if they change a class drastically.
I don’t mind you using these as a foundation for your own macro just some praise ???

the new GSE uses a code string now for ease of importing,
these are all tested using boosted 110s in Zulazar no leggos and bottom barrel gear so may perform better

mod shift for Crusade
Holding alt will divine storm instead of templars verdict

Talents 1212212

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.00.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Crusade

Main Sequence: Divine Storm, Blade of Justice, Wake of Ashes, Judgment, Crusader Strike, Templar’s Verdict


So I tried this, I took away every Shift Modifier I have and the Crusade Spell would still not go off. The rest of the macro worked out pretty well and smooth. Any clue why this might be happening? Alt works perfectly for Divine Storm, the new Divine Storm animation looks cool.

OP macro updated for beta 12 build of GSE. which is also fine for PTR
IF you are getting spell ids and macro not working, then you have updated GSE incorrectly not my macro problem

not sure it was working for me, so i cant reproduce the issue.
try assigning to a different key perhaps or test shift with a different ability

So i have tried this macro last night at Aggramar and it was working fine until the 2 big add spawn on the left and right of Aggramar. My target was switching back and forth from add to Aggramar. It’s like every button i press, it target aggramar, add, aggramar, add … Not sure what went wrong. GSE was up to date and most of updated addon was ok. Any idea?

Been testing it and noticed its not casting [Consecration]… Any idea I have the same talents as the OP and running .100 ms

John, nice script, the only thing that I see that would need to change is the talents as given, you have “/cast Wake of Ashes” but the talents don’t reflect that so, 1213212

Also, Crusade is on a 2min timer, so is Divine Shield, nice combo.

I don’t use the mod keys as I have my Divine Storm, Crusade and Shield of Vengeance at my finger tips and decide when to use them.