Ripshawn is back.

So after taking a break from WOW, I’m back and redoing all the macros I had posted before BFA Launched. To my surprise, my macros are performing great for me.

The way this macro works it is still a Spirit Bomb type of macro. It uses Spirit Bomb but the way the macro is set up. It will only case Spirit Bomb Once every 3 rotations this give Spirit Bomb time to get to 3 charges. I have Soul Cleave on my action bar for the extra heal but rarely use it. Meta is still not in the macro for use for when you need to want it.

I have done quite a few instances and I have barely needed the healer to heal me the only time I have needed a lot of heals was on Boss when I was not getting too much soul shards dropping.

On avg, I am doing about 3.5 to 4.5k DPS. with a razer synapse setting of 0.075ms, I find you can go faster but since I have world lag this setting is best for me.

Please let me know what you think and what can be improved on.


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