Roughly the same DPS output when using 3 different MS settings

Forgive me if this has been brought up previously and I missed the post or this is the wrong place but I’m a bit confused as to which ms setting should be used. I set my mouse software to spam GSE at 50ms, peaked at 19.5k and settled around 17.5k-18k on my 416ilvl unholy DK on a raider’s training dummy, set it to 80ms (which is what the macro creator said to use it at 80-100ms, peaked at 20k and settled at around 18k also, then set it to 220ms (which because my latency is between 175-190 I read I should add about 50ms to that and run GSE) and it peaked at 20k and settled around 19k.

I sim at 30k with all cooldowns popped/potions/bloodlust and without lust and potions I nearly hit 30k with 220ms but I expected a more noticeable difference between running it as fast as 50ms compared to 220 so I’m not sure which to use. Any help would be appreciated.

You could watch the Video of the masterclass from yesterday. Half the video is about this issue.

Thanks, will check it.