Sample Macros for Shadowlands

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There are a bunch of sample macros included with GSE. These are not intended to be perfect but should give a starting point for someone starting out. Ideally they would work for the levelling process after which someone comes back and gets a better macro. These were last updated for Legion and I would like to update a few of them. At worst I will make a bunch of wack-a-mole macros for each class but if you have any suggestions please copy the export string to:


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Bumping this as I will be finalising this during the shutdown and prepatch.

I would like to ask a question that I have not yet been able to fully understand.
it has been said over and over again that the speed “ms” to set macros depends a lot on many factors, lag in play and other ok
I for example in game I have 40-45 ms of lag and I use the macro from 40-50 ms in game and so far everything ok. the thing however that many use or ahk or software of the mouse/keyboards that are the same thing they all do the same job is that they use it with autoclik that is they press 1 time and it starts automatically the macro, instead I don’t always set the delay speed but I press it manually. I have noticed however that if I create a new macro and I register it pressing 1 time only that is so:
pressing key 1
suspend execution for 40 ms
release key 1
the macro manually is very slow, if you register it like this for example:
press key 1
suspend execution for 40 ms
release key 1
press key 1
suspend execution for 40 ms
release key 1
press key 1
suspend execution for 40 ms
release key 1
I repeat recording action at least 2-3-4 times and manually press manually I will see the macro go vlocissima as if it was done with autoclik of the mouse … why?

Translated with (free version)

Ingame MS or lag has NO relationship with the MS delay you use for your macro. The only similarity is that these are both measured in milliseconds.

The standard GCD is 1.5 seconds - your haste. Let’s ignore haste for the moment to simplify the maths. 1.5 seconds = 1500 MS. That means that when you do a /cast there is a minimum of 1500 MS between that one and the next one.

If you are using 100 MS for your macro it means that every 15th line in your macro is executed. If you are using 50 MS it means every 30th line. At 10 MS it’s every 150th line.

People have seen ingame MS and tried to link that to how fast their macro should run. They have also seen dovumentation on a thing called the spell queue and tried to link them all together. It’s utterly completely totally incorrect. Ingame MS won’t change how many lines of your macro are skipped between GCD’s.


so then more ms and lower and faster execution and implies that it is more accurate?
if I play at 100ms as you say and I play at 50ms does it mean that the macro will be faster basic?

Slower MS (higher) = more accuracy amd consistency.
Fast MS (lower) = random results.

he reason why I sometimes see spell that don’t activate immediately is because I most likely play with ms too low.

No I would say too fast.

1500 ms is the gap between spells. If you are clicking at 40 that’s a lot of wasted clicks that are doing nothing but skipping lines in your macro.

This whole conversations has Nothing to do with Sample Macros for shadowlands which is the purpose of this thread.

ok thank you i apologize for wandering from the post

I’m leaving myself a note that when I get up to a computer to split this into it’s own thread. I’m on a phone here in bed at 4am.

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Awesome thank you! these Samples help a lot with the learning process and a good base to build off of, Thanks again @TimothyLuke you’re appreciated.

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Still need a minimum of one macro per class for the following:

  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Warlock
  • Demon Hunter

Note: There are macros for these classes in the forum but I will not include them into the mod without the author specifically saying I can. These macros will also not be updated but will have links back to their original posts here.