ScaryLarryGames BFA BM Hunter Macros **Updated 10/17/2020**

@gamers I posted this a few days ago:

I am finding that yes its supposed to SIM higher and it grants 2 Stacks of BS every time it fires off BUT the second time that BS goes off it only Refreshes those first 2 BS stacks and does not give 2 more stacks which is leading to BS falling off and not being available increasing the Cobra Shots while it waits for BS to be up again.

@gamers I HAVE Switched back to One with the Pack and Barbed Shot is not falling off same as before.

Thank you for the input - I have been side tracked the last few days.

I also put my talents like this

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Hey @ScaryLarryGames, I created a new macro and tested the line “/cast [combat,pet] Bite; [combat,pet] Claw; [combat,pet] Smack”, is it really working if the first skill is not “Bite”? Because I read somewhere that the " ; " works like if the conditionals are not met, then the next skill will cast. In this case the conditionals are [combat,pet] and not the skill itself. Well, for me it didnt work, I changed for 3 lines like:
“/cast Bite”
“/cast Claw”
“/cast Smack”

Just letting you know so u can test too, thanks again for this awesome macro <3

@Manfrex Yes it really works. These are the basic abilities of pets. Each pet has just 1 of these. the ; at the end of each basically lets the macro bypass what it doesn’t have and use the ability it does. I used to have it the way you described until I saw Lutechi combine them. This is actually one of the lines I used from him because it makes since.

Hello @ScaryLarryGames

I think there is foul in the st Macro, this how the lines with Cobra Shot looks like:

/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Kill Command, Steady Shot
/castsequence [nochanneling] Steady Shot


@jba1980 not sure why it change the Cobra Shots to Steady Shots. Just to be safe I replaced the BM-SGL code form the original.

If that is still happening change the Steady Shots to Cobra Shots and save it.

I’ve the same with Cobra shot to Steady Shot, even after a save. But on dmg meter it only cast Cobra shots

@Fucini Then the spell ID’s of the two abilities are the same and GSE is swapping it in the macro to its base ability as it does to other spells. As long as its Coming up as Cobra Shot you should be good.

That being said if haven’t got the Cobra Shot ability yet due to the level of your toon and the Spell ID’s are the same it will probably fire off Steady Shot. I just leveled an alt Hunter and used Lutechi’s AIO macro until I learned Cobra Shot.

Also I refer you to this post by the creator of the Add-On

Cobra Shot and Steady Shot have two different ids but Blizzard keeps a table of this spell is an upgrade of that base spell. GSE stores the is of the base spell and even tells WoW to cast the base spell. WoW then handles the casting the current version of the spell.

You put Cobra Shot on the macro and hit save. GSE asks WoW what is the Base Spell for Cobra Shot, WoW returns Strady Shot even though it’s a different spec so GSE saves that. When you click your macro GSE tells WoW please cast Steady Shot. WoW then goes the current version of that is, let me look this up, you’re a BM hunter and there are no talent or proc changes, it’s currently Cobra Shot and there you go.

GSE only used to do this for talents and procs. The prob was I keep missing what updated what. Now we use WoWs internal list, I just wasn’t expecting that it went as deep as changing spells based on Spec as well.


Very good macros mate, thx. Btw I was trying it also in 8.2 private (change a little few things, not much) but there also works really great. You are amazing :slight_smile:

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The macros I have noticed that they are all good or bad for aoe cleave, it is for single damage that do not make good. I do not know why but for single more than a certain dps do not make.

@gamers (name changed from Serpione) Not sure why you keep posting on my macro and trolling it since you made your own macro and posted it for BM Hunter after I refused to make a custom macro that was tailored to you.

This macro is set up for 22?2?12 (Killer Cobra).

Also assuming this is still your Hunter and Build: Rexaoscuro-Personaggio

You are Talented 2232311 (Aspect of the Beast)

You are also using AOE shoulders and a Haste Enchant on your bow (which is wrong for single target). That bow is no longer BiS due to the corruption being inactive now. If possible you should be using the Dominion, Lurker Beyond Dreams from N’Zoth Heroic

The Macro works fine for all others who use it so I assume the problem is on your end.

Thank you for your input.

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i never told you that your macro doesn’t work well anymore. scary always uses it and still sometimes i use it sometimes by testing it with essences and other traits. i just said that lately it wasn’t working like before. my current gear is mythical plus and so i tend to have high stats in the haste critic if i can. again i apologize if it seemed to you that i said that your macro doesn’t work.

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Hey @ScaryLarryGames are you using Killer Cobra or Aspect of the Beast for mythic+? I’m using your macro with Aspect of the Beast and it’s working great even if it’s designed to work with Killer Cobra.

@Manfrex Yes I am using Killer Cobra - You will get more out of it using Killer Cobra imo. I tested it with Aspect of the Beast and overall it was less DPS for me.

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So i crafted my first legendary today, the Soulforge Ember Epaulets. Since I have used your macro for quite some time, I did modify the traps version to fit the play style of the new legendary. I removed everything from the macro that didn’t have anything to do with setting the trap or popping the flare as it caused issues and delays. All I did was add a second line to the macro in the body adding flare. It works quite well so far. I’ve only tested it on the dummies as of yet but so far so good. I have it set to use the shift button and land at my cursor. If I knew how to share a macro here I’d do so but alas, I do not. Thanks for your work, Larry!

Its pretty late now Clip121 - I will read this again in the morning. Just off the top, I have made some adjustments also but haven’t updated as of yet. One of them being the TRAPS macro - I will work it out in the morning.


ShadowLand UPDATE can be found here …

This macro is no longer supported please see:

ScaryLarryGames SL BM Hunter Macros

Thank you!

all of them will not uodate says my version is out of date yet i just updated it and checked again .