ScaryLarryGames BM Hunter Marcos **Updated 9/28/2020**

3 Macro’s Total Single/BM-AOE/TRAPS

Single Target (Ctrl=Pet Mend,Alt=TRAPS,Shift=BM-AOE)






Talents 2222?12
70 MS
When I need a new Target I tap the SHIFT key to pick up a new/close Target.

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:memo: AHK Script Toggled by MouseButton5 Spamming Button 1 at Random Clicks Between 100ms-150ms

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You do realise that your MS to the game has a total of NO, NONE, ZERO,BUTTKISS effect on how your macro performs right? Your MS only affects how fast your macro cycles before finding a line. You are literally advancing 50 lines per GCD assuming a 1.5sec GCD. At that speed, instead of using Sequential or Priority - If you just used the Random step function, you might find your macro more predictable.

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Thank you Tim for the input I will try Random to see if it is more effective. Also how do you determine the proper MS click speed? I’ve always used a low speed but if a high MS is better and there is some thing else I should consider for the macro to be most effective I would like to know.

Swapped tp 70 MS seems to be doing the same of better.

hello scary i tried your macro singol/aoe before on the mannequin and i must say they are really good for me
single damage 100k
aoe damage 200k

Then I tried it inside a mythical plus +15 crest manor and I closed with a complete 115k dungeon overall.
I noticed a very high aoe, but we hunters do a lot and singol in the average of the other macros.
Great job. I set the macro speed to 45 ms.

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Wow man this really works well! I was skeptical when I went to test and I’ve had a macro that i have used for quite some time that works very well that i changed and made it fit my style but yours beat it off the start. I’m impressed and I’d love to see more work from you! Great job!

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Great macro man! I watched your video as well and it was very instructional and I wish more people did that with what they release. Keep the good work up!

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Thank you folks for the positive feed back. Once I get other classes capped out again I will work on those and post them also. I will also update my macros as the new SL hits and beyond.

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at what speed ms you perform it? I have in game from 40-45 ms as latency I do not know exactly what to put if 45 or more tips?

@gamers - I am running it at 70MS now.

I normally set my MS to just under what my MS ping is to the game so I’m sending input to the game every time my PC communicates with the game severs. Anything more then that would really be a waste. I had it at 35MS and Tim said that was too fast so I doubled it and it works the same for me. (which is still right at my MS Ping threshold)

When testing for the right MS I will adjust my MS by 5 until I hit that sweet spot. This requires you run the macro on a target dumby for at least 3 mins each 5MS increment until it hits the highest possible DPS. If your comparing the number you get on the target dumby from SIMMING on Raidbot you’ll usually cap out at about 10k under what they say you should be at.

I hope this helps.

The thing that I find that effects GSE Macros the most is LAG.
IE: I normally pull 100k single Target DPS. If I’m lagging or my resources are low on my PC it will drop my normal single target DPS to 90K or under.

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A few posts up from Timothy Luke…

" You do realise that your MS to the game has a total of NO, NONE, ZERO,BUTTKISS effect on how your macro performs right? Your MS only affects how fast your macro cycles before finding a line. You are literally advancing 50 lines per GCD assuming a 1.5sec GCD. At that speed, instead of using Sequential or Priority - If you just used the Random step function, you might find your macro more predictable."

It’s actually “bupkis” not buttkiss, lmao

Your in game MS affects how WoW performs on the whole. But this has no relationship with what MS your macro runs at. For a number of years, Oceania played on NA servers but we had a constant 300 ms ping. We had to take that into account with our gameplay not our macros. All that means is that your WoW client is behind the server and you need to preempt things more.

Each GSE macro has a number of lines. AHK is configured to send a click to WoW based on an MS interval. A setting of 30ms in AHK means I’m sending a click to WoW every 0.03 of a sec. With each click that WoW receives, GSE executes the current line and moves to the next. Here MS simply controls how fast GSE moves to the next line. It has nothing at all to do with your in game MS at this point. As most of the time you are under the effect of the GCD, WoW attempts to execute each click and dumps them.

One of the ways Blizzard checks for bots is where buttons are clicked repeatedly at super human speeds. Bear in mind they can log every click at the server end.

I know this is off the topic of what looks to be a well working macro but when the standard myths of ms are being perpetuated if doesn’t help anyone.

Thanks for the detailed info - much of this I had no idea about.

Thank you Tim - You are definitely a wizard at this sort of stuff. I’m just a regular guy. I’ll I know is when I set the macro to say 120 or higher it performs poorly. I typically adjust the MS until I get to a point where it performs very well and leave it. I try not to go super human on the clicking but its still fast enough to make it work well. If that means its skipping lines or w/e I don’t know the math behind it. I’ll I know is its working and that’s what I care about.

Do you have a YouTube video explaining what your talking about in your posts. I know I have seen you in the early years with videos but nothing recent.

How about this one from Last friday: GSE Masterclass - Friday September 25

@TimothyLuke > Perfect I was just coming here to post that link. Just finished watching it. It explains a lot of stuff I was not sure of for years. The /click pause ## I couldn’t see using unless you implemented that thing you talked about where is was /click pause [GCD]. The MS thing makes sense now also thank you. When I build my SL Macros I will build them with a much higher MS use rate. BTW I wish you could sticky that video somewhere it is a must watch.

but therefore I have not well understood me having a latency speed in game of 40-45 ms how much should I set then for gse?

I press one important thing I play using mouse speed software corsair rbg scimitar pro rbg at 40-50 ms by manually pressing the key related to the macro, in this case I have :
side key 1 macro singol
side key 2 macro aoe
and as said above I do not execute automized macro but I press it manually set to certain speeds in (I use it now at 45 ms).

Hey there Serpione

If you are running it at 45MS and its getting you close (within 10-12k) to what you SIM on Raidbots then its fine. My Hunter is 472 with 30% haste and 70MS works just fine for me. There is no perfect speed what works for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me. There are several variables in play. Your characters gear for instance and your GCD.

With that said though this macro works well at lower MS’s for me. I will be building new macro’s for ShadowLands with the intention of running them at 100MS or more. I hope this helps.