ScaryLarryGames DK Frost Macro **Updated 10/21/2020**

ScaryLarryGames DK Frost Macro: Updated 10/21/2020



Usage Information

Alt=Frostwyrm’s Fury | Ctrl=Chains of Ice, Death Grip | Shift=Rune Strike, Death Strike

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.19.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Frost Strike, Obliterate

KeyPress: Death Grip, Rune Strike, Death Strike, Frostwyrm’s Fury, Chains of Ice

Main Sequence: Empower Rune Weapon, Obliterate, Pillar of Frost, Remorseless Winter, Frost Strike

KeyRelease: Death and Decay, Raise Dead


Talents 3222112
Created@100 MS

Alt=Frostwyrm’s Fury | Ctrl=Chains of Ice then a Grip with a reset on target | Shift=Howling Blast then a quick Death Strike



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:point_right: Muting ERROR SOUNDS/TEXT/FIZZLE(GCD) in game properly
:memo: AHK Script Toggled by MouseButton5 Spamming Button 1 at Random Clicks Between 100ms-150ms


Working perfect for me thank you

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sorry for the newb question as i am learning but when you say alt= Frostwyrm;s Fury and Ctrl= Chains of ice, Death grip what exactly does that mean?

@kacabal Those are the Mod (modification keys) I used in the macro.

If you are Manually Spamming hold down the button you have the macro on (IE: #1 Key) and press a MOD Key to fire off that ability associated with it. If there are two abilities on the same mod key then that usually means that they will fire off in that order. So you will have to press the mod key two times. (IE: Ctrl= Chains of ice, Death grip will fire Chains THEN Death Grip)

If you are Auto Spamming with a Mouse or the like, then just hold down the MOD key (while the Spam Key is running) and the ability(s) will fire off that ability associated with it.

thank for the great explanation. DO i have to prgram the mod/shift and other keys or if i hold down the button and hit said mod/shift it will auto fire the ability?

@kacabal The MOD Keys are built into the macro BUT YOU have to hit/hold down the MOD Keys as described above to fire off the ability.

Good morning. I’m using AHK and the script which I picked up from here just has me hold the key down for it to spam. So, I’ve tried pressing a mod key while still holding down the spam key. But, the mod ability doesn’t seem to work. I’m curious if anyone else has this problem or has some insight?

@Coldshatter sounds like an issue with your AHK script, which I know little to nothing about. Might want to post this where you picked up the script and see if someone that is proficient at AHK scripts can help you.

Thank you - appreciate your response and am using the macro right now - just not the mod until I can figure out the script :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

@Coldshatter if the Macro key you are using Say for instance The D key has a Shift keybind on it somewhere else the modifier in the script will not work.
Another example Shift V is keybound to a Nameplate function So if V happened to be where you had your ST Macro any Shift Mods in that macro would not work.
Hope that makes sense.

@quttzik-smith Yes I understand completely there are plenty of SHIFT+KEY shortcuts etc in the game

Normally its not an issue

Thank you

@ScaryLarryGames Sorry that was supposed to be tagged to Coldshatter who was having an issue using the Mods. Dont know why the tag didnt work.

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Thanks for that response. Yeah, I figured out that it was because my alt and shift keys were bound; so once I removed the keybind assigned to them, I didn’t have an issue. :slight_smile: