ScaryLarryGames [GSE3] DK Blood 2 Macros **Updated 07/11/2021**

I’m removing my Macros because I am quitting Blizzard due to the newest information sent to Timothy Luke about how they are now considering Spam Clicking 400ms for 3 to 4 mins super Human. I would have to spend hundreds of more hours reworking my macros to make them viable if that is even possible at 400ms and 400Cvar

I also no longer wish to let Lutechi benefit 100% from my hundreds of hours of work. – If you’re a Creator please think about this – Lutechi is straight benefiting from your hard work.

  • For those of you who actually support the creators I thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • For those of you who do nothing but Mooch and Complain (the 99.9%) – well eat a fat dog turd.

I have requested this thread be deleted.

Hello Larry. Pardon my noob ?.. 1/how do you determine your CVR number… is there something i can check to see what it should be … should it be the total of my lag/ping ? or the same as my MS setting, or a web site i can use to find out what to do to check what it should be… sorry if this causes any of your time… but its new to me.also… in the notes above can you use /cast [nochanneling,combat,@target] Your Covenant Ability?? thanks


Everything is in the macro Notes OR Google …

Any other questions drop by my stream - ScaryLarryGames@Twitch.Tv M-F 1pm-5pm Est


UPDATE: ScaryLarryGames [GSE3] DK Blood 2 Macros Updated 07/11/2021

I waited as long a I could to give all those GSE2 users time to transition to GSE3 and Tim to work out the Kinks. Please if you have obvious problems please post them here I will still read posts and fix problems that arise. All updates for GSE3 are labeled 7/11/2021


Please for Questions outside of my Stream schedule please post them on my Discord in the Class/Spec text channels for VIPs/Twitch Subs/Patreons (your twitch/patreon account must be sync’d with discord) located to bottom the left under the SLG-VIP/SUBS/PATREONS Area - Thank you!

• Sidenote: My YouTube Video on How to GSE may help you if I’m not available.



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