ScaryLarryGames [GSE3] DK Unholy 3 Macros **Updated 07/11/2021**

I’m removing my Macros because I am quitting Blizzard due to the newest information sent to Timothy Luke about how they are now considering Spam Clicking 400ms for 3 to 4 mins super Human. I would have to spend hundreds of more hours reworking my macros to make them viable if that is even possible at 400ms and 400Cvar

I also no longer wish to let Lutechi benefit 100% from my hundreds of hours of work. – If you’re a Creator please think about this – Lutechi is straight benefiting from your hard work.

  • For those of you who actually support the creators I thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • For those of you who do nothing but Mooch and Complain (the 99.9%) – well eat a fat dog turd.

I have requested this thread be deleted.

Apocalypse doesn’t go off, I don’t think it can be macroed in a cast sequence anymore and needs to be on a mod

@Zysoring it absolutely does goes off

Works like a Charm just tested it …

Top line SLG-DKUNH-SGL Macro > Sequence Box > Priority List (1 12 123 1234)

  • Goes off perfectly after Unholy Assaults if talent or by itself if not talented Unholy Assault

/castsequence [nochanneling,combat,talent:7/3] reset=combat Unholy Assault, Apocalypse; [nochanneling,combat] Apocalypse

Please check your CVar Setting …

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Thx ScaryLarryGames I am a DAV also and your macros have help me enjoy the game alot more. Im slowly working ms click ms to get the most out of it at. Keep it up! One question I have gotten confused about is, do I need to change the click rate in GSE when I change it on my mouse?

@Dj001 The MS Click Rate Option in GSE has NOTHING to do with your Click Rate. You want to simply MATCH you Spam Click Rate and your MS CLick Rate because GSE Uses that number to calculate a PAUSE in the macro IF the creator used one in his macro.

Thanks for the info. Been calibrating it to my play style and getting good results. I watched your most recent twitch on how you tweaked these for 9.1 and am having an issue getting Soul Reaper (3.1%) to even come close to the sim percentage of 9%.

@NoOneCares Thanks for the great macros in the community! All of these macros seems to be functioning well for me individually but all the modifiers seem to cause the macro to hang? do you have any idea what could be the cause? I have cleared all the bindings and can’t get any of the modifiers to fire the linked macros at all.

I will screen shot the numbers later when back on and run a 5 min dummy test.

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so weird… after swapping the macro out of my bars and then putting it back on… the modifiers are now working. Cheers.

I know you have new set of macros coming out so I can wait to run those.

Hiya, thanks for the macro. I cannot seem to get apocalypse to fire off after an unholy assault no matter which way I mod it using alt. I have nothing in game bound to alt, I’ve tried creating it’s own block using something like /castsequence [mod:alt] Unholy Assault, Apocalypse, I’ve tried making individual blocks for both like /cast [mod:alt] Unholy Assault then in another block /cast [mod:alt] Apocalypse, and I’ve also tried adding just a [mod:alt] to the sequence you already have in the macro. How would I go about doing that and could I also include Blood Fury into that sequence so it fires off last?

I’ve been using John Metz’s prepatch macro found here John Metz UH DK SL - #86 by John-Metz which has UA and Apocalypse in their own separate sequential blocks and it works so not sure which part I’m messing up on. Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: ScaryLarryGames [GSE3] DK Unholy 3 Macros Updated 07/11/2021

I waited as long a I could to give all those GSE2 users time to transition to GSE3 and Tim to work out the Kinks. Please if you have obvious problems please post them here I will still read posts and fix problems that arise. All updates for GSE3 are labeled 7/11/2021


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I haven’t seen Larry’s macro. but its a bit hit and miss which is why I created the variation you mentioned.
I hope I dont jynx myself but so far I have /castsequence [mod:shift] Unholy Assault, Apocalypse
working provided you keep the mod held long enough for both to fire.

i also know the game has an issue with apocalypse sharing the name of the UH legion weapon which can cause further issues

@John-Metz Works for me - haven’t had issues with it 8)

Yeah yours is the only one I’ve tried that reliably gets the casts off when I want them. Others will just cast UA, blood fury, or apocalypse, even a combination of two of them, but never UA and apocalypse together. I’ll keep tinkering with it and see what’s up. Both your macros work well for me and I appreciate the responses.

That’s sad, your macro was really good. (