ScaryLarryGames OL Rogue Macros - Removed for Now

Macro Needs complete Rework - Removing for now

Place Holder! Place Holder! Place Holder!

REWORK OF THE OUTLAW ROGUE MACRO is in the TESTING Phase will post Tomorrow after More Testing.

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Can’t wait for the rework! Thanks for the macro!

UPDATE 05/03/2021 REWORK of MACRO(s)

PLEASE READ MACRO NOTES - This a 4 Macro SET > Import all 4 Macros

Basics Macro Instructions:

Timing/Usage Semi-Auto v1:

    • 1. v1 Spam SLG-OL-SGL > AutoClicked v1 SLG-OL-OPENER > Attacks will start when in Range
    • 2. v1 Press CTRL to Fire off Blade Rush(if talented:7/2)/Killing Spree

Timing/Usage Controlled v2:

    • 1. v2 Spam SLG-OL-SGL to Target next Target > Hold/Press CTRL to PreCast Mark for Death(if talented:3/3)>Roll the Bones > Hold/Press CTRL in Range to StartAttack
    • 2. v2 From Stealth Press CTRL to StartAttack > Marked for Death(if talented:3/3) > Dreadblades(if talented:6/3) > Roll the Bones > (NoGroup)Cheap Shot/(Group)Ambush>Vanish>Ambush > Between the Eyes > Blade Flurry > Blade Rush(if talented:7/2)/Killing Spree
    • 3. v2. Press CTRL to Fire off/Refresh CD’s Listed in SLG-OL-OPENER Macro as needed

Combo Points Usage Both v1 and v2:

    • @4 Combo Points Press Alt to Fire Off/Refresh Pistol Shot > Slice and Dice as Needed Hold until Combo Points are used
    • @4 Combo Points Press Shift to Fire Off Pistol Shot > Dispatch as Needed Hold until Combo Points are used
  • Oppurtunity Pistol Shots are handled before Between the Eyes, Dispatch and Slice and Dice. That is why you are Pressing ALT / CTRL / SHIFT @4 Combo Points

With that being Rogue-OutLaw is Heavily reliant on Roll the Bones Buffs. The DPS from this Macro will very Great due to this fact. Its impossible to make an Rogue-OutLaw that will consistently being even close what is SIM-PARSED due to the SIM-PARSE being based on optimal Roll the Bones Buffs.



For some reason, the command for cvar doesn’t work try this old man! don’t know why it brings an error that looks the same.
/dump GetCVar(“SpellQueueWindow”)


Another viewer had the same issue and /dump GetCVar(“SpellQueueWindow”) Is now returning an error … idk why reseaching it.


Just tried it again and now its working …

/dump GetCVar(“SpellQueueWindow”)

Gonna try this out tonight, can’t wait to see how it goes…thanks for all the hard work on these man

@Diirtysquirrel OL Rogue Macro is not great - due to OL Rogue being heavily reliant on Roll the Bones buff.

The issue with the /dump command is caused from the quotes around SpellQueueWindow. Notice that the quotes are showing as “SpellQueueWindow” … the correct method is:

/dump GetCVar("SpellQueueWindow")

Notice that using a Preformatted text block the quotes remain as straight quotes versus the curved ones. Straight verses Curved is the only way I can describe the difference between them. (look close and you should see what Im saying)

Hope it helps


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@JaxxTheBulldog Thank you! No one ever told me that - Learn something new everyday!


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just checking to see if I get this right, I use v1 btw.

Spam macro, hold ctrl for openers, and then let it spam 'till my combo points are full and hold ALT 'till they are used up, repeat that “alt” process for the entire fight ?