ScaryLarryGaming Muting ERROR SOUNDS/TEXT/FIZZLE(GCD) in game properly 11/1/2020

Muting ERROR SOUNDS/TEXT/FIZZLE(GCD) in game properly.

First Off there are 3 types of Errors Spams you get in game:

Error NPC Speech | Error TEXT | Error “FIZZLE SOUNDS (GCD)”

  • Error NPC Speech (NPC Voice Error Dialogs) can be simply turn off in game through the stock interface. System > Sound > Dialog > UNCHECK Error Speech

NOTE: If you are using the GSE Option Prevent Error Sounds Hitting MOD Keys SHIFT or CTRL will turn off your sound.

  • Error TEXT (Red Error Text) can be turned off by Using the GSE Option Prevent UI Errors and Clear Errors seems to be preventing this from spamming.
  • Error "FIZZLE SOUNDS (GCD) to Remove these follow the below steps:
  1. Download an addon called MuteSoundFile
  2. Log in to the game, and type /MSF
  3. Simply add these to the first typing field as the interface opens [ Sound ID (number) ]
  • 567407 ( Removes Ui Button Click Noise )
  • 569772 ( Removes Holy Fizzle )
  • 569773 ( Removes Fire Fizzle )
  • 569774 ( Removes Nature Fizzle )
  • 569775 ( Removes Frost Fizzle )
  • 569776 ( Removes Shadow Fizzle )
  • 613892 ( Removes Jade Fizzle )

To see other sounds that maybe/have been added under the “Fizzle” are follow the below link:

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:point_right: Muting ERROR SOUNDS/TEXT/FIZZLE(GCD) in game properly

:memo: AHK Script Toggled by MouseButton5 Spamming Button 1 at Random Clicks Between 100ms-150ms


Wow could I have used this awhile back! I ended up having to search everywhere to grab this info.

Thanks for posting this so it can hopefully help others.

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You can also use Leatrix Plus to stop this too. One checkmark no more error text/sound. It has a few other things too some might find useful.

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hi all, the Link for AHK dont working

@Alfi its on my Discord - they may have been doing an update or something - it works just tried it.